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The Hi-de-Hi! Companion: 2015 Book Offer

February 18th, 2015

hicomp15aTo celebrate the return of Hi-de-Hi! to BBC 2, the acclaimed Hi-de-Hi! Companion book has been reduced to £15 including postage and packing to mainland UK. 

The Hi-de-Hi! Companion, written by lifelong fans Rob Cope & Mike Fury, traces the success of the programme from the recording of the pilot right the way through to it’s moving finale 58 episodes later.

A glittering array of famous names connected with the show have contributed to the book among them Paul Shane, Ruth Madoc, Jeffrey Holland, Su Pollard, David Griffin, Diane Holland, Barry Howard,  Felix Bowness, Nikki Kelly, The Webb Twins, Chris Andrews and many others. The book also has major input from the two geniuses who created the show:  Jimmy Perry OBE and David Croft OBE.    

Learn all about the holiday camp movement that inspired the series, the stars from the show,  the stage versions, the episodes and how the BBC invaded a small Essex coastal town and turned it into Crimpton On Sea !

The book also charts the story of You Rang, M’Lord?, the other great Perry and Croft show that starred the Shane / Holland / Pollard team. Among those giving their thoughts on the series are cast members Donald Hewlett,  Michael Knowles, Perry Benson, Barbara New, Susie Brann, Yvonne Marsh and Amanda Bellamy.

With a wealth of rare never before seen photos from behind the scenes of both shows this is the ultimate 250 page tribute to two hugely popular comedies from the golden age television. 

• Visit hi-de-hi.net for more details on the book and to buy your copy at this great price.