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The Sussex Newspaper: Snow White Review

December 17th, 2016

snowwhite16vThe special thing that pantomime has over almost all other theatrical performances is that it is the one production that promises “something for everyone” and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs at the Assembly Hall Theatre, Tunbridge Wells, delivers heartily on that promise.

From the opening “village scene” right the way through to the inevitable wedding, this production has several superb sets, many marvelous melodies and cleverly constructed characters – all wrapped up in the most traditional of family pantomimes.

… With some rather unexpected thundering rock music to accompany her first entrance, Su Pollard is the epitome of a naughty and flirty Wicked Queen. Mean enough to get the huge Tunbridge Wells audience booing loudly, but funny enough to get those same people laughing their socks off, Su is the consummate professional.

The performance runs at a good pace, but enough time is left for Su to reappear in a number of different costumes topped off with some outrageously coloured wigs, and for her to try to seduce the Prince – poor man!

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The Sussex Newspaper: Star Interview – Su Pollard

November 25th, 2016

tsn16aThere are now just over two weeks until Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs opens, on Friday 9th December, at the Assembly Hall Theatre, Tunbridge Wells so, before she launches herself into rehearsals for her part as the Wicked Queen, I was lucky enough to have a quick chat with the show’s legendary TV star, Su Pollard.

After first listening to her absolutely hilarious answering machine message, I asked Su…

Did you have a good time opening the grotto in the Royal Victoria Place Shopping Centre with Santa?

Oh yes, it was so funny and we had a great time turning all of the Christmas lights on at the grotto. There were loads of kids there, and we went on an open top bus all round the town as well. We were there for about three hours all together and then we had to say goodbye to Santa ‘cos it was time to go.

When will you be back to start rehearsals for Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs?

We start rehearsals proper on November 28th but we’ve already had quite a few meetings including two or three with the Musical Director and he’s given us all of the songs that we will be singing so, hopefully, a lot of the preparation work is already done.

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The Sussex Newspaper: Summer Sun Shines on Panto Launch

October 6th, 2016

tsn14aSummer Sun Shines on Tunbridge Wells Panto Launch

The stunningly beautiful house and grounds that form the National Trust’s Scotney Castle estate are the perfect backdrop for The Wicked Queen to entice Snow White to take a bite out of that, very special, apple as the team from The Assembly Hall Theatre, Tunbridge Wells, on one of the last few hot and sunny days of the summer, launches its 2016 pantomime, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Iconic star of stage and TV screen, Su Pollard, takes on the role of the Wicked Queen and, as I find out when I sit down to speak with her, she just can’t wait to play the baddie…

“Oh, you know, It’s absolutely marvelous!”, Su said, “It’s really the only time that I get to be a “baddie”. I don’t really like to be around sort of negative, mean-minded people in general, because, sadly, some people are like that. Luckily most of them are fantastic, as we know, but this is my fabulous moment to go, well, perhaps there might just be a little bit of evil in me and I can let it come out and work with it.”

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Ha Ha Hood!: ‘The Sussex Newspaper’ Review

September 24th, 2014

tsn14aHa Ha Hood! & The Prince Of Leaves
Assembly Hall Theatre, Tunbridge Wells

Ben Langley writes, directs and performs in, what is rapidly becoming, the cult theatrical series of Ha Ha shows. The production of Ha Ha Hood!, for those who haven’t heard of them, is the fourth in the series – following on from Ha Ha Hamlet!, Ha Ha Hitler! and Ha Ha Holmes! – and is possibly the funniest of them all.

The shows are very interactive, which takes a lot of the audience by surprise. It’s all very well to see someone walk onto the stage, that is to be expected, but when they address you directly some people leave their comfort zone. Consequently, it takes a few minutes to get the audience “warmed up” but Langley factors this into his shows and deliberately writes in a section that happens before the actual show begins.

 … Starring along side the comic duo is TV favourite, Su Pollard as Maid Marion. Su makes performing comedy look effortless. The one liners trip off her tongue like bullets from a gun – and every one hits the target.

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