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The Stage: Richard Jordan at The Fringe

August 17th, 2018

stage18cRichard Jordan: Forget Dannii Minogue as Lady Macbeth, the fringe offers established stars a platform for reinvention

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe may once have been considered a rite of passage, where many of today’s leading performers cut their teeth and before embarking on successful careers. However, now it seems that the festival is the place to play after you’ve enjoyed career success.

…This year that point is exemplified best by two shows: Philip Meeks’ new play Harpy starring Su Pollard, and Stripped, John Partridge’s one-man cabaret performance. Pollard, who makes her fringe debut, became a household name in the 1980s BBC sitcom Hi-de-Hi!. However, as a result, Pollard was frequently typecast and her acting range neglected.

In Harpy, her name will guarantee ticket sales from those who loved her as chalet maid Peggy Ollerenshaw in the comedy show. However, Pollard’s appearance at the fringe has provided her with an opportunity to show off her own versatility as an actor.

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The Stage: Harpy Review at Underbelly, Edinburgh

August 6th, 2018

stage12a‘Su Pollard makes fringe debut in touching drama’

Birdie lives on her own, surrounded by the detritus of her life. She is a hoarder, clinging desperately to the objects that make up her past, and annoying the neighbours with her outspoken manner.

Su Pollard is probably best known as the hapless Peggy from the BBC’s 1980s holiday camp-set sitcom Hi-de-Hi!. Yet despite the lack of her trademark novelty headgear and belting vocals, she is instantly recognisable as Birdie. This becomes both a help and a hindrance.

Philip Meeks’ Harpy demands a discerning comic timing and Pollard excels at this, whether delivering a punchline or singing cheesy pop songs into a hairbrush.

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The Stage: Su Pollard at Edinburgh Festival Fringe | Interview

August 1st, 2018

stage18bSu Pollard on Edinburgh Fringe debut: ‘I’m very happy to play myself, but I’ll give most things a go’

Having begun her career in Nottingham’s working men’s clubs, Su Pollard made her name in a series of 1980s sitcoms. Now she is adding another string to her bow with her first Edinburgh Fringe appearance in a serious one-woman show about mental health. She tells Nick Smurthwaite why she is reluctant to turn anything down

Taking a one-woman show to Edinburgh Festival Fringe in your 70th year – and in a heatwave too – seems to border on the masochistic, but Su Pollard is characteristically upbeat about making her debut at the world’s largest arts festival this month.

“I’m an Edinburgh virgin,” declares the flamboyant, jewellery-festooned star of the TV sitcoms Hi-de-Hi and You Rang, M’Lord, as well as countless regional pantos. “I don’t even think I’ve done panto in Edinburgh. But I’ve always loved the city and its people.”

Pollard’s professional career began in musicals in the early 1970s, although she had started performing in Nottingham, where she grew up, 10 years earlier.

“I did all kinds of shows with the Co-Operative Arts Theatre in Nottingham, dramatic as well as musical,” she recalls, “and I used to sing in working men’s clubs in my teens.”

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The Stage/BBC: BBC at The Edinburgh Festival 2018

July 25th, 2018

stage18aThe Stage: BBC reveals TV and radio coverage plans for Edinburgh festivals: The BBC has announced its Edinburgh Festivals coverage and activity – Highlights from the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo will be shown on BBC1, while artists including Maureen Lipman, Su Pollard, Frank Skinner and Lost Voice Guy will feature on BBC Breakfast with Charlie Stayt on August 3 – Continue reading at The Stage…

BBC Media Centre: BBC at the Edinburgh Festivals 2018: Top comedy, arts, writing and music – as well as showcases for new fresh talent – will be at the heart of the BBC’s Edinburgh Festivals coverage in 2018 across TV, radio and online – Continue reading at BBC Media Centre…

Snow White 2015: ‘The Stage’ Review

December 6th, 2015

snowwhite15ggSnow White and the Seven Dwarfs review at Blackpool Grand – ‘a winning formula’

Snow White opened on the day next year’s panto tickets went on sale – and box office figures were confirmed 15% ahead of last year’s. That speaks volumes for UK Production’s winning formula at this theatre.

That formula is: find a template (ghost scene, slapstick song, young ‘volunteers’ to perform while the wedding finale is prepared); mix old and new faces in the cast; combine familiar songs with recent chart hits; and, of course, don’t forget to include real dwarfs whist you still can.

… Su Pollard is perfectly at home as the Wicked Queen – clearly over the top but never to scary – while Millie Booth is a real find as ‘Snowy’ with a pleasant voice, and instantly likeable and not too Disneyfied character. Jamie Steen’s Nurse is a shade near the knuckle at times but gets away with it.

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Ha Ha Hood!: ‘The Stage’ Review

August 27th, 2014

stage12aThe Civic Theatre, Chelmsford
by Nick Dines

Following previous renditions of this successful parody series, including last year’s critically acclaimed Ha Ha Holmes!, Ha Ha Hood and The Prince of Leaves provides a welcome escape from reality.

With Tommy Cannon in the guise of both the Sheriff of Nottingham and Little John and Bobby Ball thriving as Friar Tuck and Guy of Gisborne, as ever the duo are fuelled with an insatiable quest to entertain. Forever ad-libbing and preying on unsuspecting audience members, the pair admirably evolve with the times, even to the extent of taking selfies.

 … With the added ingredient of Su Pollard as no-nonsense Maid Marian, dressed in her usual discreet way, the trio work well together. Showcasing her vocal range, Pollard delivers one of the most novel takeaway orders you’re likely to hear.

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