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Kudos: Su Interview: ‘I’d Love To Play Lady Macbeth’

December 11th, 2016

kudos16aA comprehensive new interview with Su, by Kudos Magazine, talking about her career, panto, Hi-de-Hi! and much more.

Loveable actress Su Pollard, she of the mad glasses and even madder outfits, professes a desire for Shakespeare, as she takes to the stage as the Wicked Witch in panto

In 1980 Su Pollard burst onto our TV screens in the hit comedy series Hi-de-Hi!. She hasntt stopped working since and now turns her talents to the role of the Wicked Witch in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in theis year’s Tunbridge Wells panto. Here, she looks back over her career – and reveals a secret love of ironing…

It was wannabe Maplins yellow coat Peggy Ollerenshaw in Hi-de-Hi! that turned you onto a household name. Looking back, what are your overriding memories of the show?
Absolute total fun. We just laughed and laughed and laughed for 10 years and I made some wonderful friendships. It was a dream job in every way. We were looked after properly by the directors and the writers, they always made sure things were right. If it chucked it down with rain one day when it wasn’t in the schedule, they just rewrote something within five minutes. It was tremendous fun.

Did you realise when you began to make it that it would be the hit it was?
Funnily enough, I remember once we were all sat in the edge of the bed in one of the chalets. It was really cold and we’d just done a scene outside, the last scene of the day. So Paul Shane, lovely Shaney, who played Ted Bovis, myself and Ruth Madoc, who played Gladys Pugh, we were all sat on the bed asking each other what we thought of it, and Paul said, “Look guys, we’ve done the best we can. We’ve got faith in it, the crew loved it because they were all laughing so lets have a toast to it’s success”. After the first series, people were coming up to us in the street saying, “I saw the show last night, God it was good!” And the critics were saying that they really enjoyed it. So we kind of knew then that we’d made something good.

• Continue reading at Kudos Magazine/Issue 19. Su’s interview is on pages 26 – 28.