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BBC News: Hi-de-Hi! Star ‘Comforted’ by Hotel Plan

January 10th, 2018

bbcnews18aA star of 1980s sitcom Hi-de-Hi! says it is “comforting” to know a new hotel is set to be built where she and fellow cast members stayed while filming.

The Cliff Hotel in Dovercourt, Essex, was home to the likes of Su Pollard, Ruth Madoc and Paul Shane during the filming of 58 episodes from 1980-88.

It is being knocked down and rebuilt as a 61-bedroom hotel and apartments.

Pollard, who played chalet maid Peggy Ollerenshaw, said she was glad a hotel would remain on the old site.

• Continue reading at BBC News.

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Hi-de-Hi!: Continues on BBC2!

September 12th, 2016

hidehi16eHi-de-Hi! continues to air, and entertain a whole new audience – as well as many from the first time around, on BBC2 each weekday afternoon.

Series Three is currently showing, and Series Four will begin on Friday, with “Co-Respondent’s Course”.

View the full upcoming schedule at the BBC2 website. Please note times may vary on certain days for BBC Scotland. Episodes airing over the next week on BBC2 are:

Hi-de-Hi!: Monday 12th September: 2.15pm
A Matter of Conscience. Series 3, Episode 3: First broadcast: 14/11/1982. The local council decides to build a hospital next to Maplin’s Holiday Camp. Joe Maplin instructs the staff to thwart their plan by making as much noise as possible.

Hi-de-Hi!: Tuesday 13th September: 2.15pm
The Pay-Off. Series 3, Episode 4: First broadcast: 02/11/1982. The local council are still determined to build the hospital next to Maplin’s. Joe sends a shoebox full of money to Jeffrey with instructions that he is to bribe the four councillors. Guest Cast: ROY HEATHER (Inspector Palmer).

Hi-de-Hi!: Wednesday 14th September: 2.15pm
Trouble and Strife. Series 3, Episode 5: First broadcast: 28/11/1982. Ted Bovis’s ex-wife turns up at the camp demanding the arrears of her maintenance. She has in tow a bailiff who presents Ted with a writ. Failure to pay could result in prison for Ted. He is forced to resort to all the fiddles he can remember in order to raise the money. Guest Cast: RIKKI LEE (Hilary Bovis), LENI HARPER (Girl), SION PROBERT (Boy), JOHN D. COLLINS (Bailiff). NB: This is airing on BBC Scotland at 1.30pm.

Hi-de-Hi!: Thursday 15th September: 2.15pm
Stripes. Series 3, Episode 6: First broadcast: 05/12/1982. After a secret visit to the camp, Joe Maplin decides that Gladys should be put in charge of the Yellowcoats. Guest Cast: TALFRYN THOMAS (Gareth Davies).

Hi-de-Hi!: Friday 16th September: 2.15pm
Co-Respondent’s Course. Series 4, Episode 1: First broadcast: 12/12/1982. Jeffrey Fairbrother’s wife sends her new boyfriend to ask Jeffrey for a divorce.  Since the professor is unwilling to co-operate he starts to dig for evidence. Guest Cast: JOHN FORTUNE (Max Tewksbury), JOHN HORSLEY (Clive), DAVID BEALE (Mr. Glover), ROY HEATHER (Inspector Palmer).

Meanwhile @ Maplins: Hi-de-Hi! Continues… on BBC2

September 6th, 2016

hidehi15cThe continuing adventures of Ted, Spike, Gladys, Peggy et al… Hi-de-Hi! on BBC2! Relive the 50s, via the 80s, here in 2016!

Please keep checking the BBC2 website to stay up to date, and browse Su Online’s comprehensive Hi-de-Hi! Episode Guide, compiled by Rob Cope, for lots of info. It includes details on each episode, cast lists, original air dates and more.

Hi-de-Hi!: Tuesday 6th September: 2.15pm
A Night Not To Remember. Series 2, Episode 5: First broadcast: 27/12/1981. Jeffrey gets exceedingly drunk and has to be escorted back to his chalet with man hungry Yellowcoat Gladys Pugh. What actually occurred when they were alone? Guest Cast: DAVID TROUGHTON (Mr. Pritchard), NIGEL WILLIAMS (Bert).

Hi-de-Hi!: Wednesday 7th September: 2.15pm
Sausages or Limelight. Series 2, Episode 6: First broadcast: 03/01/1982. Spike Dixon is in love. Unfortunately his prospective father-in-law insists that Spike give us showbusiness and comes into his lucrative butchery empire. Guest Cast: JULIE ANN BLYTHEN (Brenda). NB: This is airing on BBC Scotland at 1.30pm.

Hi-de-Hi!: Thursday 8th September: 2.15pm
Nice People With Nice Manners. Series 3, Episode 1: First broadcast: 31/10/1982. Yvonne and Barry, the ballroom dancers, invite the staff to a party. However they only invite staff they feel are “socially acceptable”, but when Peggy mixes up the invitations they get more than they bargained for!

Hi-de-Hi!: Friday 9th September: 2.15pm
Carnival Time. Series 3, Episode 2: First broadcast: 07/11/1982. Joe Maplin insists that the staff take part in the Town Carnival by putting in a float. Spike has the job of producing the tableau. Guest Cast: JOHN LE MESURIER (Hugo Buxton), JOYCE GRANT (Mrs. Fairbrother).


Su on TV: Hi-de-Hi! (on BBC2: Series 1 & 2)

August 28th, 2016

Hi-de-Hi!: BBC2: Monday 29th August: 2.15pm
Charity Begins At Home. Series 1, Episode 5: First broadcast: 26/03/1981. Ted gets the Yellowcoats involved in his latest fiddle – the Campers Amenity Fund,  meanwhile Jeffrey comes across two old people who are suffering from a case of very bad luck. Guest Cast: HARRY MARKHAM (Old Man), JOSEPHINE ANTOSZ (Old Woman).

Hi-de-Hi!: BBC2: Tuesday 30th August: 2.15pm
If Wet – In the Ballroom. Series 2, Episode 1: First broadcast: 29/11/1981. The staff are at their wits’ end trying to amuse the campers. Rain has been tumbling down for days and they have practically exhausted their repertoire of indoor amusements. Guest Cast: SAM SMART (Charlie Ruckston ‘No. 7′), WENDY HALL (Olwen Jones ‘No. 8′).

Hi-de-Hi!: BBC2: Wednesday 31st August: 2.15pm
Peggy’s Big Chance, Series 2, Episode 2: First broadcast: 06/12/1981. Peggy has a burning ambition to become a Yellowcoat. Jeffrey arranges an interview, meanwhile Ted is planning a pool wheeze but needs somebody to be the shark.

Hi-de-Hi!: BBC2: Thursday 1st September: 2.15pm
Lift Up Your Minds. Series 2, Episode 3: First broadcast: 13/12/1981. Ex-professor Fairbrother decides to bring some culture into the entertainments programme by presenting a recital of classical music. Naturally the campers are less than keen. Guest Cast: JEAN CHALLIS (Woman), ROY HEATHER (Second man).

Hi-de-Hi!: BBC2: Friday 2nd September: 2.15pm
On With The Motley. Series 2, Episode 4: First broadcast: 20/12/1981. The Camp Host is getting his big chance at a posh golf club dinner, but first he must persuade Jeffrey to give him the time off.

Su on TV: More Hi-de-Hi!

August 18th, 2016

Hi-de-Hi!: BBC2: Tuesday 23rd August: 2.15pm
Desire in the Mickey Mouse Grotto. Series 1, Episode 1: First broadcast: 26/02/1981. When Ted Bovis arranges a secret meeting with an attractive young girl camper their romantic intentions are cut short by the arrival of security. In an attempt to avoid capture they unwittingly set suspicions on Jeffrey Fairbrother. Guest Cast: RICHARD COTTON (Marty Storm), DEREK BENFIELD (Rose’s Dad), PEARL HACKNEY (Rose’s Mum), GILLIAN TAYLFORTH (Rose), JIMMY MAC (Camper at table), KEITH JAMES (Camper at bar).

Hi-de-Hi!: BBC2: Wednesday 24th August: 2.15pm
The Beauty Queen Affair. Series 1, Episode 2: First broadcast: 05/03/1981. A beauty contest at Maplin’s brings forth an offer to fix the contest for Jeffrey Fairbrother whilst Ted is indulging in a few fiddles of his own. Guest Cast: BOBBY DENNIS (Harry Plowright), RONNIE BRODY (Reg), MARIANNE TOLLAST (Hilda).

Hi-de-Hi!: BBC2: Thursday 25th August: 2.15pm
The Partridge Season. Series 1, Episode 3: First broadcast: 12/03/1981. Mr. Partridge goes on one of his seasonal “benders” which results in him locking his chalet door and refusing to come out. Unable to sober him up Jeffrey is forced to perform the Punch & Judy show.


Hi-de-Hi!: BBC2: Friday 26th August: 2.15pm
The Day Of Reckoning. Series 1, Episode 4: First broadcast: 19/03/1981. Fred Quilly thinks that the racing mobster Big Mac from Brighton has tracked him down to Maplin’s Holiday Camp, the staff are on their toes to prevent Big Mac from taking his revenge. Guest Cast: JOHN BARDON (Ron Armitage), DOREMY VERNON (Mrs. Armitage), SHAUN CURRY (Horsebox Driver).

Su on TV: Hi-de-Hi!

August 16th, 2016

Hi-de-Hi!: BBC2: Monday 22nd August: 2.30pm
Pilot Episode. The very first episode of the sitcom set in a holiday camp. It’s 1959, and when the entertainment staff assemble for the new season, they discover that a university professor has been appointed director of operations. Starring: Paul Shane, Su Pollard, Simon Cadell, Jeffrey Holland, Ruth Madoc, Felix Bowness.


Hi-de-Hi!: Re-Runs To Air on BBC2 Afternoons

August 9th, 2016

BBC2 will be airing classic comedy series during their afternoon schedules again from later this month, including Hi-de-Hi! Last year the complete nine series were repeated. Catch Hi-de-Hi! at 2.30pm on 22nd August, though air times will vary.

• Browse Su Online’s comprehensive Hi-de-Hi! Episode Guide, compiled by Rob Cope, for lots of info on the series. It includes details on each episode, cast lists, original air dates and more.


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Daily Mail: What Happened To The Stars of Hi-de-Hi?

April 30th, 2016

Morning campers! What happened to the stars of Hi-de-Hi nearly 30 years after they hung up their yellow coats

It was the series that immortalised British holiday camp culture, flinging a cast of relatively unknown British actors firmly into the limelight and making them household names.

After storming onto our screens in 1980, Hi-de-Hi! remained at the forefront of British comedy for eight years and nine series.

When news broke of actor Barry Howard’s death from cancer at 78, tributes poured in for the man who played champion ballroom dancer Barry Stuart-Hargreaves.

But thoughts also turned to his co-stars, who together formed the cast of one of the most popular BBC series of all time. FEMAIL reveals what happened to the stars after they hung up their yellow coats for the last time in January 1988.


Su played Peggy Ollerenshaw, the kooky maid who aspired to be a Yellowcoat and tried to get involved in the camp’s entertainment in any way she could.

While her character was known for her frizzy Eighties perm and oversized spectacles, the actress – now 66 – has something of a flamboyant dress sense in real life.

Despite a short-lived pop career during her time in Hi-de-Hi! Su stuck with acting, and shortly after the series came to an end she starred in the BBC’s You Rang, M’Lord? with fellow Hi-de-Hi stars Paul Shane and Jeffrey Holland, followed by a presenting turn and Radio 2 drama For Better or For Worse.

• Continue reading at the Daily Mail. (Thanks to Paul Lomas)


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Barry Howard 1937 – 2016

April 29th, 2016

Barry Howard, original cast member of Hi-de-Hi!, passed away yesterday at the age of 78. Barry’s agent and friend Sharry Clark confirmed the news, saying: “My lovely friend and client Barry Howard has passed to Spirit today, I will miss him more than I can say. RIP lovely man”.

Barry played ballroom dancer Barry Stuart-Hargreaves in great partnership with screen wife Diane Holland, who together gave viewers some of the finest comedy moments in Hi-de-Hi!. Aside from his most famous role, which he left in 1986, Barry was an actor of great experience and also had roles on television in Terry and June, You Rang M’Lord?, Dad and The House Of Windsor, as well as a long and varied stage career.

• Read press reports on this sad news at BBC News, The Guardian and Digital Spy. Click on the photo of Barry and Diane to visit his Wikipedia page.


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BBC Store: Hi-de-Hi! & You Rang, M’Lord? Digital Collections

March 17th, 2016

Hi-de-Hi! The Complete Collection is now available to own digitally, via the BBC Store, and Su is the featured face at The Complete Collection page. Each series can also be purchased individually and there are some great cast photos at the site for each series, including a few rarities. Click below to visit Hi-de-Hi! at the BBC Store.


The Complete You Rang, M’Lord? Collection is also now available digitally at the BBC Store. Click below for further info.



Fylde Coast Players: Hi-de-Hi at Lowther Pavilion

March 14th, 2016

hdhfcp16aAn amateur production of Hi-de-Hi!, by the Fylde Coast Players, has a four night run at the Lowther Pavilion in Lytham St Annes this week.

Su met up with some of the cast while she was starring in panto in nearby Blackpool in January.

Hi-de-Hi! – Wednesday 16th – Saturday 19th March

Hi-de-Hi! Campers!

Friday Night – Why not join in the fun on the 50s and dress in 1950s style holiday dress. (optional)

The yellow-coated hosts of notorious holiday camp Maplin’s come to the Lowther Pavilion in this loving adaptation of the hit 1980′s television series by Jimmy Perry and David Croft.

Fylde Coast Players take to the stage for Paul Carpenter & Ian Gower’s exciting and colourful stage adaptation that will be full of racey gags, old fashioned fun and naturally a xylophone or two.

Join director Paul Lomax in donning the yellow blaser and be whisked away to sometimes sunny Crimpton-on-Sea.

• More info/book tickets at the Lowther Pavilion website. See more photos of Su meeting Heather (who plays Peggy in this production) at the Fylde Coast Players’ website.

The Gazette: Players On A Hi-de-Hi After Meeting Su!

January 24th, 2016

bpoolgazette15aMembers of a Fylde theatre group have had preparations for their latest production boosted by some genuine insider tips. Fylde Coast Players are busy in rehearsal for Hi-De-Hi, a stage adaptation of the fondly-remembered BBC TV comedy of the 1980s, which is set for Lytham’s Lowther Pavilion in March.

Playing chambermaid Peggy, a role made famous on TV by Su Pollard will be Heather Cartmell, long a familiar face to Fylde amdram audiences, while Paul Lomax directs.

Both made the most of the opportunity to take some advice on the part from comedy veteran Su, who recently wowed audiences as the Wicked Queen in the Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs panto at Blackpool – and were delighted with Su’s support and particularly the fact that she even pledged to come along and see the Lowther production if she is free.

• Continue reading at the Blackpool Gazette. (Photo © Blackpool Gazette)


Su on Christmas TV: Hi-de-Hi!

December 15th, 2015


A classic Christmas episode of Hi-de-Hi! is airing on BBC2 over the festive period.

Hi-de-Hi!: BBC2: Sunday 20th December: 1pm
Eruptions. Series 4, Episode 3. Classic comedy from Christmas 1982 at Maplin’s Holiday Camp. Comedian Ted isn’t happy when Joe Maplin installs a working model of a volcano which erupts during his act. The only thing to do is sabotage it! Starring: Simon Cadell, Paul Shane, Ruth Madoc, Jeffrey Holland, Su Pollard, Leslie Dwyer, Felix Bowness. (45 minute episode)

• Browse Su Online’s comprehensive Hi-de-Hi! Episode Guide, compiled by Rob Cope of It includes details on each episode, cast lists, original air dates and more.

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Hi-de-Hi!: Back To Maplins 2015

August 11th, 2015

backtomaplins15aJo and Tony Tarran have announced Back to Maplin’s 2015, a Hi-de-Hi! themed all day event which will take place on Saturday 3rd October. This follows on from their highly acclaimed previous events and as usual the focal point will be the Cliff Hotel in Dovercourt the town where the series was filmed. 

The weekend starts at 11.00am on Saturday morning at the Electric Palace Cinema – seen in the show in the series 8 episode “Only The Brave” – watching Hi-de-Hi! on the big screen plus some rare clips!

Starting at 3.00pm Saturday afternoon there will be cream tea refreshments served at The Cliff Hotel and an opportunity to see an exhibition including photographs and memorabilia.

Saturday evening from 7.00pm sees a carvery meal consisting of a main course, dessert and tea or coffee in the ‘Hawaiian Ballroom’ at the Cliff Hotel with entertainment, Maplins fun and our special guests joining us. There will also be a Q & A session with our invited guests.

Previous guests have included Jimmy Perry, Jeffrey Holland, Ruth Madoc, Su Pollard, Barry Howard, the Webb Twins, Vince Rayner and many others. (However guest’s appearance is as always subject to availability and work commitments)

• View further details and info on booking at NB As far as we are aware Su isn’t attending this year’s event. If this changes between now and October we will let you know.