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Bucks Free Press: Snow White Review

December 23rd, 2017

snowwhite17kkAnother fantastic review for Snow White, this one from Bucks Free Press.

PANTO REVIEW: Snow White at the Aylesbury Waterside proved a massive hit

If a panto’s success is judged by the decibels of the squeals of delight emanating from the children in the audience then Snow White at Aylesbury Waterside Theatre is a massive hit.

The cast member most often initiating the audience participation was Muddles, played quite honestly to panto perfection by Andy Collins, a veteran TV warm-up man who is best known locally as a presenter on BBC Three Counties Radio. His twinkly-eyed, comedic, cheerful chappy approach to the role endeared him to kids and adults alike. The grown-ups even forgave him for drenching them with water pistols in the hilarious 12 Days of Christmas routine.

… There are several statements which could be used to describe Hi-de-Hi’s Su Pollard. Mad as a bag of frogs, slightly bonkers, charmingly eccentric and add to the list perfect for panto! She seemed to revel in being booed and was convincingly menacing as the wicked queen, but she did it in such a way that I couldn’t help but like her (this was a long way from the glam wicked queen). When she pitched up on stage in a leopard skin print shorts and skimpy top with her skinny legs, big glasses and bewildered look on her face to proposition the Prince (the charming Jon Moses) I almost wanted her to succeed!

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Bucks Free Press: Just The Ticket

December 8th, 2017

bfp17aJust The Ticket: What’s on this week in and around south Bucks

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it’s off to Aylesbury Waterside Theatre you go for this year’s festive family pantomime Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs starring Su Pollard as Wicked Queen. Not to be dwarfed by last year’s panto, this year’s extravaganza is set to be the fairest of them all with dynamic dance, sparkling costumes, sensational songs and barrels of audience participation. Together with the most Wicked Queen, most handsome Prince and most charming of dwarfs, this year’s magical production will leave you feeling more than Happy. Mirror mirror on the wall, this is the must-see panto of them all. Tickets range from £11.75 – £35.50 available at 8 December to 31 December, various showings, Aylesbury Waterside Theatre, Exchange Street, Aylesbury.

Bucks Free Press: Su Pollard at Aylesbury Waterside Theatre

March 28th, 2017

bfp17aComedy legend Su Pollard lined up for Christmas panto treat at Aylesbury Waterside Theatre

Comedy legend Su Pollard will star in Aylesbury Waterside Theatre’s Christmas pantomime later this year, it has been announced.

The Hi-de-Hi actress will play the wicked queen in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and is looking forward to performing in Bucks in December. She said: “Brace yourselves, Aylesbury! I love panto, and can’t wait to whip you all up into a festive frenzy.”

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