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Su on TV: You Rang, M’Lord? – Episodes 5 – 9 (Drama)

April 5th, 2018

drama18aIt’s the second week of You Rang, M’Lord? on Drama, with episodes 5 – 9. (Photo © BBC)

You Rang, M’Lord?: Drama: Mon 9th April: 4pm
Fair Shares. (Series 1, Episode 5). Lady Lavender has promised Stokes her shares in the Union Jack Rubber Company and he sees this as a chance to set himself up for life. Meanwhile Ivy is in trouble for telling Sir Ralph about his wife’s indiscretion with Lord Meldrum.

You Rang, M’Lord?: Drama: Tuesday 10th April: 4pm
Beg, Borrow or Steal. (Series 1, Episode 6). Alf is being blackmailed by the local pawn broker into letting him burgle the house. Lord Meldrum allows Cissy and Poppy to hold an evening of progressive poetry in the dining room. At last the relationship between Alf and Ivy is revealed to James.

You Rang, M’Lord?: Drama: Wednesday 11th April: 4pm
Labour or Love. (Series 2, Episode 1). Lord Meldrum gives Teddy an ultimatum – marry Madge Cartwright or be sent to work in his factory. Teddy thinks it’s a bluff but finds that his brother means every word. Alf discovers that Lady Lavender has got money stashed under her bed and schemes to relieve her of the burden.


You Rang, M’Lord?: Drama: Thursday 12th April: 4pm
Trouble at Mill. (Series 2, Episode 2). The Prime Minister is coming to dinner but Alf’s thoughts are consumed by Lady Lavender’s money. At the factory Teddy’s flirtations with the girls causes a mass walk out.

You Rang, M’Lord?: Drama: Friday 13th April: 4pm
Money Talks. (Series 2, Episode 3). Lady Lavender throws her money out of the window and into the street. Naturally some of the money goes astray when Alf gets his hands on it.