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Su on TV: You Rang, M’Lord? Episodes 10 – 15 (Drama)

April 16th, 2018

drama18aWelcome to Week Three of You Rang, M’Lord? at Drama with the final four episodes from Series Two and the first episode from Series Three airing. Click on the photo for our Episode Guide. (Photo © BBC)

You Rang, M’Lord?: Drama: Monday 16th April: 4pm
The Meldrum Vases. (Series 2, Episode 4) Alf has hidden some money in one of his Lorship’s antique vases, Unfortunately Lord Meldrum has donated three identical vases to the Bishop’s charity auction for distressed gentlewomen, James and Ivy are in a race to stop Alf retrieving the money.

You Rang, M’Lord?: Drama: Tuesday 17th April: 4pm
The Wounds Of War. (Series 2, Episode 5) To protect his employer, Alf tells Sir Ralph that Meldrum was wounded in the Artilley. Ivy is over the moon when James agrees to take her to the pictures Mrs Lipton is convinced that Alf’s divorce is being held up by his wife.

You Rang, M’Lord?: Drama: Wednesday 18th April: 4pm
Stranger In The Night. (Series 2, Episode 6) James in embarrassed when his father arrives at the house on the run from the police. The servants decide to hid him until they can arrange for him to flee the country.


You Rang, M’Lord?: Drama: Thursday 19th April: 4pm
Royal Flush. (Series 2, Episode 7) Excitement runs through the household when it’s announced that the King and Queen of Dalmatia are coming to dinner, although Mrs Lipton is upset when she finds out she will not be doing the catering. In addition, Noel Coward is expected to join them after the opening night of his new play.

You Rang, M’Lord?: Drama: Friday 20th April: 4pm
Please Look After The Orphans. (Series 3, Episode 1) Alf is being pestered by Mrs Lipton to finalise his divorce so he gets an old music hall friend to agree to pose as Mrs Stokes. Meanwhile he has a brain wave to make some money by fooling Mrs Litpton into baking some cakes which she thinks are destined for the local orphanage.