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Su on TV: Hi-de-Hi! on GOLD (Series 8)

July 9th, 2018

gold18aFive episodes of Hi-de-Hi!, from Series Eight, which originally aired on BBC1 in November/December 1986, on GOLD this week.

Please click on the cast photo below for our Episode Guide. (Photo © BBC)

Hi-de-Hi!: GOLD: Monday 9th July: 8.40am/1.20pm
Pigs Might Fly. (Series 8, Episode 1). Yvonne’s partner Barry has left her and she becomes a recluse in her chalet. Worried about the entertainments programme Gladys takes the initiative and sends for her substitute partner Julian Dalrymple-Sykes. Within hours Yvonne is ready to take the floor again.

Hi-de-Hi!: GOLD: Tuesday 10th July: 8.15am/1.30pm
The New Broom. (Series 8, Episode 2). Alec Foster, the new Camp Controller, is causing havoc at Maplin’s. He’s already sacked several staff for incompetence and when his attentions fall on the entertainment staff no one is safe.

Hi-de-Hi!: GOLD: Wednesday 11th July: 8.20am/1.35pm
Orphan Of The Storm. (Series 8, Episode 3). Peggy has been sacked by Alec Foster, it seems that none of her friends can help her. Then rescue comes from an unexpected quarter.


Hi-de-Hi!: GOLD: Thursday 12th July: 8am/1.20pm
God Bless Our Family. (Series 8, Episode 4). Clive’s family descend on the camp with the intent of trying to persuade him to return to the fold. They bargain without the culture shock of Maplin’s.

Hi-de-Hi!: GOLD: Friday 13th July: 8.40am/2pm
Only The Brave. (Series 8, Episode 5). Ted has organised a late night trip to the cinema to see Bambi for April’s birthday, a mix up with the projectionist results in the showing of a war film – A Few Came Back.