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Su on TV: Hi-de-Hi! on GOLD (Series 3)

May 29th, 2018

gold18aMore Maplins mayhem on GOLD this week, with four episodes of Hi-de-Hi! from Series Three, which originally aired in late 1982.

Please click on the cast photo below for our Episode Guide. (Photo © BBC)

Hi-de-Hi!: GOLD: Tuesday 29th May: 1.40pm/7.20pm
A Matter Of Conscience. (Series 3, Episode 3). The local council decides to build a hospital next to Maplin’s Holiday Camp. Joe Maplin instructs the staff to thwart their plan by making as much noise as possible.

Hi-de-Hi!: GOLD: Wednesday 30th May: 1.40pm/6.40pm
The Pay-Off. (Series 3, Episode 4). The local council are still determined to build the hospital next to Maplin’s. Joe sends a shoebox full of money to Jeffrey with instructions that he is to bribe the four councillors.


Hi-de-Hi!: GOLD: Thursday 31st May: 1.40pm/6.40pm
Trouble and Strife. (Series 3, Episode 5). Ted Bovis’s ex-wife turns up at the camp demanding the arrears of her maintenance. She has in tow a bailiff who presents Ted with a writ. Failure to pay could result in prison for Ted. He is forced to resort to all the fiddles he can remember in order to raise the money.

Hi-de-Hi!: GOLD: Friday 1st June: 1.40pm/6.40pm
Stripes. (Series 3, Episode 6). After a secret visit to the camp, Joe Maplin decides that Gladys should be put in charge of the Yellowcoats.