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Su on TV: Hi-de-Hi! on Drama (Series 7)

May 29th, 2018

drama18aMore holiday camp capers on Drama this week, with four episodes of Hi-de-Hi! from Series Seven, which originally aired in January/February 1986.

Please click on the cast photo below for our Episode Guide. (Photo © BBC)

Hi-de-Hi!: Drama: Tuesday 29th May: 1.40pm/6pm
Who Killed Mr Partridge? (Series 7, Episode 3). Ted and Spike discover Mr. Partirdge’s body lying face down in the pool with a knife in his back. Who is the murderer and are they still at large?

Hi-de-Hi!: Drama: Wednesday 30th May: 1.40pm/6pm
Spaghetti Galore. (Series 7, Episode 4). It is Gladys Pugh’s birthday but she faces a dilemma, both Clive and Harold Fox have invited her out for a meal and she doesn’t want to upset either. Peggy comes to the rescue with her motorbike.


Hi-de-Hi!: Drama: Thursday 31st May: 1.40pm/6pm
A Lack Of Punch. (Series 7, Episode 5). The staff learn that they are to stand in as children’s entertainers for the rest of the season and Yvonne and Barry are the first to have a go with the playlet ‘Tuffet Tantrums’. Then Ted and Spike spot a smelly tramp entertaining kids on the beach, they think they’ve found the answer to their problems.

Hi-de-Hi!: Drama: Friday 1st June: 1.40pm/6pm
Ivory Castles in the Air.  (Series 7, Episode 6). Clive takes Gladys to see his family home and Gladys takes Clive to her heart.