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Su on TV: Hi-de-Hi! on Drama (Series 5)

May 8th, 2018

drama18aMore Hi-de-Hi! on Drama, with episodes from Series Five airing this week. (Photo © BBC)

Hi-de-Hi!: Drama: Tue 8th May: 1.40pm/6pm
Concessions. (Series 5, Episode 1). As Barry and Yvonne dance to Diaghilev, Spike jokes to Pinocchio, Ted contrives to get in with the local council ‘Mr. Big’ to confound Joe Maplin’s plans to expand his empire.

Hi-de-Hi!: Drama: Wednesday 9th May: 1.40pm/6pm
Save Our Heritage. (Series 5, Episode 2). When a local cottage is faced with with destruction and it’s owner threatened with eviction to make way for an extension to the camp Jeffrey is incensed and rallies the staff into thwarting Joe Maplin’s plans.


Hi-de-Hi!: Drama: Thursday 10th May: 1.40pm/6pm
Empty Saddles. (Series 5, Episode 3). Joe Maplin orders that Fred Quilly’s lame horses must be sent to the knackers-yard. It falls upon the entertainment staff to try to save the horses from their fate.

Hi-de-Hi!: Drama: Friday 11th May: 1.40pm/6pm
The Marriage Settlement. (Series 5, Episode 4). Jeffrey agrees to give his wife grounds for divorce which involves him hiring a professional co-respondent and seeking Peggy’s help