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Sunday Express: Su Talks Holidays!

March 4th, 2018

express18aSu Pollard reveals her most memorable holiday… and her worst

Comedy actress and singer Su Pollard, 68, most famous for her role of chalet maid Peggy in the sitcom Hi-de-Hi! set in a fictional 1960s holiday camp, has travelled the world both for work and pleasure. She is single and lives in North London.


Twenty years ago, on the South Island of New Zealand where I’d been working. Along with cast members, we visited an Albatross breeding colony. We were there at the exact moment the chicks started hatching and emerged from the eggs. It was the most magical experience. We also saw two penguins arm in arm. I am totally smitten with New Zealand.


New York with my sister Jean. We joined a four-hour bus sightseeing tour in freezing temperatures visiting areas such as Queens and Brooklyn. It was pouring with rain and the windows were held together with gaffer tape to stop the water getting in. But the roof leaked terribly. By the time we got off, they could have chopped off our feet and we wouldn’t have felt the pain. The only good part was that I saw a brownstone house where Barbra Streisand once lived. I’m one of her biggest fans.

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Louth Leader: Actress Su Pollard Says ‘Hi-de-Hi’ to Louth

February 28th, 2018

lleader18aBest known for her role as Peggy Ollerenshaw in popular BBC TV show ‘Hi-de-Hi’, actress Su Pollard came to Louth today, (Monday), to help Louth Riverhead Theatre promote their upcoming production of the hit programme in March. Su certainly stood out in her brightly coloured clothing and had a very cheery disposition as she visited NT Shaw of Louth who sponsor the theatre.

The car dealership has gone all out to promote the upcoming ‘Hi-de-Hi’ performance, splashing the news of the upcoming show all over one of their vehicles.

With the actress’s mum living just down the road in Sutton on Sea, Su said it was the ideal opportunity to come to Louth and meet some of the cast. She said: “It’s been lovely to be here in Louth today and meet the riverhead theatre cast who are putting on Hi-de-Hi.“I have got some great memories from the show and it’s something that will always be very close to my heart and I have no regrets.”

• Continue reading at the Louth Leader. Visit Louth Playgoers at Twitter. (Photos © Louth Leader)


Nottingham Post: Su For New TV Series Claude

February 13th, 2018

nottpost13aSu Pollard joins Shane Richie and Jane Horrocks for new children’s TV series Claude

It’s a new animated series based on Alex T Smith’s best-selling books

Nottingham actress Su Pollard is to return to the small screen in a new children’s TV series based on Alex T Smith’s best-selling books.

The former Hi-de-Hi! star will be joining EastEnders’ Shane Richie, Jane Horrocks, Simon Callow and Anne Reid for the animated series called Claude, which follows the adventures of a beret-clad dog and his faithful sidekick, Sir Bobblysock, in the seaside resort of Pawhaven.

Pollard will voice the character Gloria Swoon.

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BBC News: The Inside Story Of Hi-de-Hi!

February 13th, 2018

hidehi15cMorning campers! The inside story of 80s sitcom Hi-de-Hi!

The antics of the employees of Maplins holiday camp entertained viewers for nearly a decade and made huge stars of the cast of Hi-de-Hi! Thirty years after the last episode was shown, on 30 January 1988, they have been sharing their memories with the BBC.

“All these years later, people say to me how wonderful it was and how we love the show,” says Jeffrey Holland, who played the camp’s comedian Spike Dixon. “You can’t get 19 or 20 million viewers now.

“I meet young actors now who know me from the 1980s, and they are often thrilled to meet me for that reason, and that’s so gratifying.”

Hi-de-Hi! was Holland’s big break, with the role of Spike written with him in mind. “It was the first thing I ever did that made my face known,” the actor says.

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Chortle: Whatever Happened To The Hi-de-Hi! Cast?

February 13th, 2018

We look back, 30 years after the sitcom ended

Exactly 30 years ago today the last episode of Hi-de-Hi! aired. After eight seasons of 1950s holiday camp fun, the yellowcoats were told that Maplins was going upmarket and their services were no longer required – a bitter blow to enthusiastic cleaner Peggy (Su Pollard) who had just landed the job after spent eight years eagerly campaigning for it…

But what happened to the cast? Here’s our guide:


Su Pollard: Played: Chalet maid and wannabe yellowcoat Peggy Ollerenshaw

Before Hi-de-Hi!: Su Pollard got an early break on Opportunity Knocks in 1974, singing I Cain’t Say No from Oklahoma! Her first comedy role was in a BBC series entitled Two Up, Two Down in which she played a hippy named Flo in 1978, the year before Hi-de-Hi! launched.

After Hi-de-Hi!: As well as appearing in You Rang, M’Lord? and Oh Doctor Beeching, Pollard has fully embraced the celebrity circuit, appearing as herself on everything from Noel’s House Party to Loose Women. She has also toured with her own one-woman show. and has just finished a stint in panto in Aylesbury.

In an interview last month she said: ‘I still get money when Hi-de-Hi! is repeated. I think the last cheque was for something like £11.20.’

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BBC News: Hi-de-Hi! Star ‘Comforted’ by Hotel Plan

January 10th, 2018

bbcnews18aA star of 1980s sitcom Hi-de-Hi! says it is “comforting” to know a new hotel is set to be built where she and fellow cast members stayed while filming.

The Cliff Hotel in Dovercourt, Essex, was home to the likes of Su Pollard, Ruth Madoc and Paul Shane during the filming of 58 episodes from 1980-88.

It is being knocked down and rebuilt as a 61-bedroom hotel and apartments.

Pollard, who played chalet maid Peggy Ollerenshaw, said she was glad a hotel would remain on the old site.

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Bucks Free Press: Snow White Review

December 23rd, 2017

snowwhite17kkAnother fantastic review for Snow White, this one from Bucks Free Press.

PANTO REVIEW: Snow White at the Aylesbury Waterside proved a massive hit

If a panto’s success is judged by the decibels of the squeals of delight emanating from the children in the audience then Snow White at Aylesbury Waterside Theatre is a massive hit.

The cast member most often initiating the audience participation was Muddles, played quite honestly to panto perfection by Andy Collins, a veteran TV warm-up man who is best known locally as a presenter on BBC Three Counties Radio. His twinkly-eyed, comedic, cheerful chappy approach to the role endeared him to kids and adults alike. The grown-ups even forgave him for drenching them with water pistols in the hilarious 12 Days of Christmas routine.

… There are several statements which could be used to describe Hi-de-Hi’s Su Pollard. Mad as a bag of frogs, slightly bonkers, charmingly eccentric and add to the list perfect for panto! She seemed to revel in being booed and was convincingly menacing as the wicked queen, but she did it in such a way that I couldn’t help but like her (this was a long way from the glam wicked queen). When she pitched up on stage in a leopard skin print shorts and skimpy top with her skinny legs, big glasses and bewildered look on her face to proposition the Prince (the charming Jon Moses) I almost wanted her to succeed!

• Continue reading at Bucks Free Press. Read more reviews of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs here.

Snow White 2017: Receiving Great Reviews!

December 19th, 2017

snowwhite17sSnow White and the Seven Dwarfs at Aylesbury Waterside is going great and receiving praise and fab feedback from theatregoers, and press…

With live music, a cornucopia of amazing costumes and atmospheric sets, including the dwarfs’ cottage, which opens to reveal the interior, this is a visually and auditorily satisfying pantomime.“: The Bucks Herald

Bravo to La Pollard who really was the star of the show – razor sharp timing, a strong voice and some real comedy chops. The scene where she attempted to woo Prince Frederick of Fairford Leys in her camisole set was genuinely hilarious but there were glimpses of her real acting talent too.“: Muddy Stilettos

La Voix stamps her mark on the show, and her double act with Collins is easy and assured, radiating warmth that the audience cannot fail to absorb. As the Wicked Queen, Su Pollard throws herself into the villainous role.”: The Reviews Hub

Rarely even in pantomime do you hear an audience this engaged in a production,
even the theatre foyer is dressed to get them in the mood before the start.“: Pocket Size Theatre

You can’t beat a good pantomime and after last night I am really in the Christmas spirit!“: What’s Good To Do

UK Theatre Network: Snow White Review

December 19th, 2017

snowwhite17eeWalking gingerly along ice-covered pavements with snow stacked up on the side and seeing the glittering Christmas lights glowing certainly puts one in the festive mood!  Without the lights, December would be very bleak as we wait for the winter equinox on 21st, heralding the start of winter and longer days. Pantomime plays an important role in these dark days, bringing colour, fun, laughter and mayhem to brighten up our lives.

This year’s pantomime at The Waterside is Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs starring the sublime Su Pollard as the Wicked Queen. Su is a real trooper, with her unique energy, humour and enthusiasm she captivates you and it’s hard to think of her as ‘the baddie’, as she’s so likeable. She also has a great singing voice and her opening number ‘One Way or Another’ sets the scene nicely.

• Continue reading at UK Theatre Network. Review by Yvonne Delahaye.

Muddy Stilettos: Snow White Review

December 19th, 2017

snowwhite17ffGod bless Su Pollard! Back from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs at Aylesbury Waterside Theatre with two extremely happy nippers who loved the hi-di-hi camp of it all. The odds of this being a good panto were always going to be strong, with the brilliant La Voix returning for a second year and Three Counties radio host Andy Collins a long-standing panto pro.

But bravo to La Pollard who really was the star of the show – razor sharp timing, a strong voice and some real comedy chops. The scene where she attempted to woo Prince Frederick of Fairford Leys in her camisole set was genuinely hilarious but there were glimpses of her real acting talent too, particularly when she donned the nose to play the beggar lady.

• Continue reading at Muddy Stilettos.

Snow White @ Aylesbury Waterside: More Reviews

December 19th, 2017

snowwhite17tMore fabulous reviews for Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs at Aylesbury Waterside…

Jasmine Storm – It’s A Wonderful Life: This show has an amazing cast, all of whom give their all. Along with a witty script and joyous moments of laughter (12 days of Christmas), it promises to deliver on all levels.  The songs are well chosen and there is something for everyone.  Su Pollard (Hi De Hi) has one of the best entrances ever witnessed.  She comes on singing Blondie’s One Way Or Another.  This is worth the ticket price alone.  I was not sure how the lovely Su would translate to a wicked queen, but she does it in her own style and with an element of humour – Continue reading…

Tab’s Theatre Thoughts: I have a confession to make. I have been to see Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs TWICE in four days. Yep. I am about to give you the low down on one of the best nights in Aylesbury, so get your specs on and pay attention. Before I get started though, does anyone else agree that the correct plural of dwarf is dwarves? Anyway… This years production at the Aylesbury Waterside Theatre is truly a “who’s who” of pantomime royalty. Su Pollard steals the show as the wicked queen, clawing desperately onto her title as “the fairest in all the land”. Her cackle is unrivalled by any baddie I’ve ever heard, and her exceptional singing would lure any unsuspecting prince to their doom – Continue reading…

Reviews, Blogs and Thoughts by Lara Wadey: I’ve been reviewing shows for nearly 5 years and I would be the first to pick fault at something, and in fact have become somewhat high maintenance, but I really couldn’t fault anything… what can I say Waterside, you nailed it! Congratulations to everyone. If you get the chance this Christmas, grab yourself, a friend or loved ones some tickets and heigh-ho, heigh-ho, it’s off to Waterside you go – it really is a must see! – Continue reading…

The Reviews Hub: Snow White Review

December 14th, 2017

snowwhite17yIt is a recurring thread in many modern pantomimes that the titular heroines, from Sleeping Beauty to Cinderella, are among the least served in terms of scripted character. That’s certainly the case with Aylesbury’s version of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, where the characters of Muddles, Dolly the Nurse and the Wicked Queen transcend all others.

That is in itself no bad thing: local radio personality Andy Collins is a veteran of Aylesbury pantomime, having played the fool rôle for several years and with great aplomb. Reuniting with him is drag artist and singer La Voix, returning after last year’s triumphant performance as Widow Twankey in Aladdin to once again play the dame.

Having a dame who can not only sing, but sing well, adds a sheen that many commercial pantomimes miss out on. From her opening number (the theme from Fame, reworded to an emphatic ‘Dame!’), La Voix stamps her mark on the show, and her double act with Collins is easy and assured, radiating warmth that the audience cannot fail to absorb.

As the Wicked Queen, Su Pollard throws herself into the villainous role

• Continue reading at The Reviews Hub. Review by Scott Matthewman.

The Bucks Herald: Snow White Review

December 14th, 2017

snowwhite17zThe proclaimed stars of Aylesbury’s Waterside pantomimes haven’t always lived up to their top billing, I can think of a few who have been disappointing.

But that certainly isn’t the case with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs this year. Su Pollard, as the Wicked Queen, judges the role perfectly and hits the spot with her evil interpretation of the stepmother who wants to have beautiful Snow White killed, and secure Prince Frederick of Fairford Leys for herself.  

With live music, a cornucopia of amazing costumes and atmospheric sets, including the dwarfs’ cottage, which opens to reveal the interior, this is a visually and auditorily satisfying pantomime. There’s plenty of references to current news in the script, even including what must have been a last minute addition with a quip about Dennis Wise’s height (one for fans of I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here).  

Dressed in a variety of glorious sparkling dresses – and at one stage, a memorable shorts and top ensemble as she tries to seduce the prince – Ms Pollard is a real trouper, and has a lovely singing voice too. In her first confrontation with the audience, after belting out One Way Or Another, she warns them, “I’ve just seen my worst nightmare – children. I hate children, you are dirty, horrible little creatures,” before adding mischievously, “I may hate children, but I love their dads.”

• Continue reading at The Bucks Herald. Review by Heather Jan Brunt.

Pocket Size Theatre: Snow White Review

December 14th, 2017

snowwhite17aaThe 1937 Disney film defined this title and sometimes it feels awkward to squeeze it into the Pantomime format but when all the elements come together it is a title that will delight Christmas audiences. This UK Production show written by Andrew Ryan, with a strong ensemble cast, all the essential Pantomime business and some of the original Disney tunes certainly does this and credit must go to the whole team under the direction of Chris Nelson. Rarely even in pantomime do you hear an audience this engaged in a production, even the theatre foyer is dressed to get them in the mood before the start. 

The show is driven with loads of energy by Andy Collins as Muddles (7th season at Waterside) and La Voix as nurse (another experienced pantomime Dame). They work very well together from their first entrances, Muddles riding a my little pony and Nurse singing Fame and in a gag filled Mastermind parody. The running gag of the missing pots and pans provides further comic moments leading to a show stopping “Twelve days of Christmas”, one of the best you will see, with amazing audience involvement and even Company Stage Manager, Robb Mookhoek joining the fun in the auditorium with a super soaker.

Opposite them is another excellent pantomime veteran, Su Pollard as the Wicked Queen establishing her own catch phrase “Don’t touch the frock” and belting out a few good songs including “One way or another” as she make her first entrance through the working portcullis.

• Continue reading at the Pocket Size Theatre. Review by Nick Wayne.