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Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs: Exclusive Interview

November 5th, 2017

Stars of Aylesbury Waterside Theatre’s magical family pantomime, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Su Pollard and Andy Collins discuss the importance of panto.

Mix96: Ben and Nia Chat to Su Pollard

March 22nd, 2017

A new radio interview with Su, which aired on Mix96 yesterday. Su chats panto, being wicked, Hi-de-Hi!, the Waterside Theatre and more. Listen to the full chat, at Audio Boom, by clicking below.


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Su on the Radio: BBC London/Jo Good

March 12th, 2017

bbcrl17aSu guested on Jo Good’s BBC Radio London show on Thursday – Chatting about participating in the forthcoming Vera Lynn Tribute concert, and much more – including, looking good, past adventures with Jo, her one-woman-show and the possible return of Peggy Ollerenshaw.

Su Pollard and The Barking Hour: Actress Su Pollard chats about ‘100: A Tribute To Dame Vera Lynn’.

• Listen to the show at BBC iPlayer for the next month. Su’s interview begins approximately 11 minutes into the show and runs for around 15 minutes.

BBC Radio Kent: Su and Dominic Get Festive!

December 19th, 2016

Just a reminder that Su’s fantastic interview with Dominic King of BBC Radio Kent is still available to listen to at BBC iPlayer, and here also are a couple more photos of Su and Dominic from last week’s chat. Click on them to listen to last week’s show. (Photos © Dominic King/BBC Radio Kent)


BBC Radio Kent: Su Interview @ BBC iPlayer

December 16th, 2016

bbcrkent16aDominic King’s BBC Radio Kent show, with Su as special guest, is now available to listen to online at BBC iPlayer.

The show aired yesterday afternoon – Su “the positivity powerhouse” appears at approximately 14 minutes in, describing the outfit she was wearing. Su also chatted about Hi-de-Hi! and its legacy, channelled Meg Ryan, talked Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs at the Assembly Hall Theatre and much, much more.

The interview runs for around 15 minutes, which includes a break for news, but Su does also pop up again towards the end – at 2hrs 53m – offering “advice” to Dominic…

• Visit BBC iPlayer to listen to the interview. Available for the next four weeks.

BBC Radio Kent: Su & Dominic TODAY!!

December 15th, 2016

Don’t forget Su will be guesting with Dominic King, both pictured below yesterday, on BBC Radio Kent this afternoon. The show begins at 4pm, with Su scheduled to appear in the first half hour, talking panto, panto, panto and much more. (Photo © Dominic King/BBC Radio Kent)


Kudos: Su Interview: ‘I’d Love To Play Lady Macbeth’

December 11th, 2016

kudos16aA comprehensive new interview with Su, by Kudos Magazine, talking about her career, panto, Hi-de-Hi! and much more.

Loveable actress Su Pollard, she of the mad glasses and even madder outfits, professes a desire for Shakespeare, as she takes to the stage as the Wicked Witch in panto

In 1980 Su Pollard burst onto our TV screens in the hit comedy series Hi-de-Hi!. She hasntt stopped working since and now turns her talents to the role of the Wicked Witch in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in theis year’s Tunbridge Wells panto. Here, she looks back over her career – and reveals a secret love of ironing…

It was wannabe Maplins yellow coat Peggy Ollerenshaw in Hi-de-Hi! that turned you onto a household name. Looking back, what are your overriding memories of the show?
Absolute total fun. We just laughed and laughed and laughed for 10 years and I made some wonderful friendships. It was a dream job in every way. We were looked after properly by the directors and the writers, they always made sure things were right. If it chucked it down with rain one day when it wasn’t in the schedule, they just rewrote something within five minutes. It was tremendous fun.

Did you realise when you began to make it that it would be the hit it was?
Funnily enough, I remember once we were all sat in the edge of the bed in one of the chalets. It was really cold and we’d just done a scene outside, the last scene of the day. So Paul Shane, lovely Shaney, who played Ted Bovis, myself and Ruth Madoc, who played Gladys Pugh, we were all sat on the bed asking each other what we thought of it, and Paul said, “Look guys, we’ve done the best we can. We’ve got faith in it, the crew loved it because they were all laughing so lets have a toast to it’s success”. After the first series, people were coming up to us in the street saying, “I saw the show last night, God it was good!” And the critics were saying that they really enjoyed it. So we kind of knew then that we’d made something good.

• Continue reading at Kudos Magazine/Issue 19. Su’s interview is on pages 26 – 28.

Local Magazine: From Hi-de-Hi! to Hi Ho, Hi Ho!

December 11th, 2016

snowwhite16aaA great new panto interview feature with Su (and Jamie Steen) is included in the Winter Issue print edition of Local Magazine.

When the Assembly hall Theatre team sat down for a cuppa with the legendary star Su Pollard and the King of Panto Jamie Steen we were understandably very excited and a little bit nervous. After all, it’s not every day you get to meet one of your TV heroes and a panto institution!

We spoke to Su first, who will be playing the Wicked Queen in this year’s fantastic family pantomime Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs…

Q: Hello Su, this year you’re playing the Wicked Queen – should we expect an all-out villain or does she have a secret bit of goodness in her heart?
She’s definitely evil. After all, she is called the Wicked Queen, but she is also mischievious and loves to flirt with the Prince. I like her to have a mix of everything.

Q: You came to Tunbridge Wells for the press launch of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. What was your impression of the town and its people?
It offers a very flavoursome atmosphere because of all its lovely cafes and almost village-like quality. The people are extremely welcoming.

• Read the full interview here, and read Jamie’s here. Many thanks to Basia Wilson @ Twitter.

Times Of Tunbridge Wells: Su Pollard Panto Interview

December 8th, 2016

timesotw16aAnother new interview with Su, as Snow White gets ready to premiere tomorrow, published today by the Times of Tunbridge Wells.

Audiences of all ages will love this hugely entertaining and traditional pantomime…

Hi-de-Hi’s Su Pollard is appearing as the Wicked Queen in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, which also stars CITV’s Jamie Rickers, at the Assembly Hall this Christmas. Ahead of the show’s launch on Thursday Eileen Leahy caught up with the comedy actress to talk about the power of pantomime and how good will always overcome evil

How excited are you to be playing the Wicked Queen in Snow White?

This will be my tenth year in the role and I just love playing the baddy because you can really get your teeth into it. I’ve been in about 40 pantomimes over the years and am always excited about performing. I’ve graduated from being the good principle boy to the really evil characters but at least I can always have a bit of fun with them. The Wicked Queen clearly has bad intentions – she wants to poison Snow White after all – but I like to add a comedy element to her character, too.

What’s the point of pantomime?

The great thing about them is that at the end of every one, the traditional or modern versions, it’s the baddy who loses out. So if there’s a moral to be had out of seeing one it is that you always get the bad and the good but ultimately good surmounts evil. It’s all great fun along the way but it’s always better to be nice than horrible. I think that’s lovely and it’s a great message for the kids.

• Continue reading at the Times of Tunbridge Wells.

Wow Magazine: Interview – Su Pollard

December 8th, 2016

snowwhite16uSu interviewed on all things panto by Wow Magazine.

Best known as Hi-De-Hi’s Peggy, Su Pollard has actually carved out a far longer career as one of pantomime’s finest and funniest wicked queens. Anna Morell caught up with her to find out just how wicked she really is.

AM: You’ve been doing wicked queen roles since 2002…

SP: Yes, I ‘spose I must have been doing them for at least ten years. Blimey, is it? Oh! Ooh just a minute… I must have been doing them for at least ten years… Ooh it must be true then!

AM: Do you get more wicked every year?

SP: Now that’s an interesting question, that, to be honest, because, I think the more you do a role, because, whatever the dialogue is, mostly the story’s the same, you’ve got to stand in front of a mirror, be really mean to Snow White and try to seduce the prince, so you do kind of… you can, say: ‘oh that’s good, but I reckon you can change that line’, and you can make it a little bit more nasty. If you work on a show two or three times, you can get the perfect format for the dialogue. I’m happy with what the wicked queen says.

• Continue reading at Wow Magazine.

Kent Online: Su Pollard Stars as The Wicked Queen

December 7th, 2016

kentonline16aA great new panto themed interview with Su, published today, by Kent Online.

Tunbridge Wells: Hi-de-Hi star Su Pollard stars as the Wicked Queen at the Assembly Hall Theatre

Hi-de-Hi star Su Pollard will be showing her very wicked side in panto this year.

The star of the classic BBC show, will play the Wicked Queen in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs – and she plans to be as wicked as possible.

“I’m never scared to be evil,” she said. “I love the Wicked Queen. I love the ‘evility’ – it is the fun element. But my character is wicked with a twinkle. But I am absolutely acting. I’m very mean to Snow White. I love it when the children cry – I think I have done my job.”

“When they see me afterwards, they don’t know whether to be excited or scared..”

“I do panto every year and I love it. I did my first when I was about 18. You’ve got to have the longevity before you can be a Wicked Queen – you can’t look as if you’re 17.”

Su played loveable Maplins chalet maid Peggy Ollerenshaw in Hi-de-Hi back in the 1980s, and still keeps up with her pals from the cast.

“I see my friends from Hi-de-Hi regularly, especially Ruth Madoc. We all get on so well. We were very lucky that we had a great time with Hi-de-Hi.”

• Continue reading at Kent Online.


The Sussex Newspaper: Star Interview – Su Pollard

November 25th, 2016

tsn16aThere are now just over two weeks until Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs opens, on Friday 9th December, at the Assembly Hall Theatre, Tunbridge Wells so, before she launches herself into rehearsals for her part as the Wicked Queen, I was lucky enough to have a quick chat with the show’s legendary TV star, Su Pollard.

After first listening to her absolutely hilarious answering machine message, I asked Su…

Did you have a good time opening the grotto in the Royal Victoria Place Shopping Centre with Santa?

Oh yes, it was so funny and we had a great time turning all of the Christmas lights on at the grotto. There were loads of kids there, and we went on an open top bus all round the town as well. We were there for about three hours all together and then we had to say goodbye to Santa ‘cos it was time to go.

When will you be back to start rehearsals for Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs?

We start rehearsals proper on November 28th but we’ve already had quite a few meetings including two or three with the Musical Director and he’s given us all of the songs that we will be singing so, hopefully, a lot of the preparation work is already done.

• Continue reading at The Sussex Newspaper.

Muddy Stilettos: Quick-Fire Questions with Su Pollard

November 20th, 2016

snowwhite16jAs panto fever starts to build I was lucky enough to grab 5 minutes with national treasure, comedienne, actress and TV presenter Su Pollard – soon to be starring as the Wicked Queen in the Assembly Hall Theatre (Tunbridge Wells) production of Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs. Fun, zany and very, very likeable – she did not disappoint. Come, join me and say Hi-de-Hi (sorrrrry…)

Goodie or Baddie?

Oh the Baddie – every time! I’ve always said playing the baddy is the best. You can answer back to the audience – lots of booing and banter.

Silly or scary?

Oh, both definitely! In panto we want to scare the kiddies as much as is humanely possible! Also it’s tempered with all the jokes, fun, dancing and happy songs.

• Continue reading at Muddy Stilettos.

BBC Radio Lancashire: Steve Royle Show

January 2nd, 2016

bbclancs16aSu guested on, her Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs co-star, Steve Royle’s New Year’s Day show on BBC Radio Lancashire yesterday.

Join Steve on New Year’s Day for a show full of surprises, daring to be different and fun.

Su chatted about panto, Hi-de-Hi! and much more. The interview begins at around 36m into the show and is aired throughout the remainder of the programme.

Listen online for the next month at BBC iPlayer.