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Rev Stan’s Theatre Blog: Su Pollard Interview

July 18th, 2018

revstan18aAnother new interview with Su, discussing Harpy and the forthcoming Edinburgh Fringe, at Rev Stan’s Theatre Blog.

Edinburgh Fringe interview: Su Pollard on her fringe debut and what she wants to see while she’s there 

Su Pollard will be making her Edinburgh Fringe debut starring in Harpy, a play written especially for her by Fringe-first winner Philip Meeks.

In this preview interview, she talks about playing Birdie, a woman ostracised by her neighbours because of her hoarding, embarking on her first fringe and what she wants to see when she isn’t performing.

How does it feel to have a play specially commissioned for you?
When I first met the playwright Philip Meeks about three years ago he said he was going to write something for me. I don’t think either of us thought much more about it until Suzanna Rosenthal suggested it because we knew each other. 

I’ve often been asked to go to Edinburgh but I’ve either been busy with other shows or the right play hasn’t been sent my way. What’s fantastic about this is I’ve been there from the start and Philip’s told me about every stage of his thinking and the writing process.  I feel as if I’ve really helped to create the role.

• Continue reading at Rev Stan’s Theatre Blog.

West End Wilma: Hi-de-hi! – Su Pollard Interview

July 16th, 2018

wewilma18aA new interview with Su, chatting about Harpy and debuting at the Edinburgh Fringe, published by West End Wilma yesterday.

Hi-de-hi! – Su Pollard talks about heading to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Tell me about your show, what it is all about?
Harpy is about Bridget Woodbead who leads an isolated life as a hoarder. It’s funny and sad and it contains a mystery to solve. Mostly it’s about mental health and the fact that men are scared of women in the same way rich people are scared of poor people. It’s the first play in a series of three called South London Fables. The other two characters also appear in Harpy. All women of a certain age with startling stories to tell.

How long have you been working on this show and what is it that makes it relevant to audiences in 2018?
We started developing the play in January and we’ve had several drafts and a few readings and as I write this we’re about to start the actual rehearsals. It’s great that I’ve had time to really think about the character and the story before putting it on its feet……I’ve been living like a hermit since the end of May getting ready!

The play is set in 2018 in London which is Bridget’s adopted home, like it is mine and the writer Philip Meeks. This is because he feels so many people who are a bit lost end up living in London and He’s right. The play reflects today’s political climate quite strongly as we all wait anxiously in a hope we’ll ever understand what Brexit means!

• Continue reading at West End Wilma.

Stuff: It Never Stops for Su Pollard

May 27th, 2018

stuff18aThe recent interview with Su, by TV Guide in New Zealand, is now also available to read online at Here’s an extract:

Set in the 1950s-60s, Hi-de-Hi! ran for nine seasons and Pollard, who enjoys watching repeat episodes, has happy memories of her time on the show.

“The great moments (that) stand out for me, seriously, (were) when you first get the scripts through the door – none of this email,” she says.

“It was always big hard copies. You’d get all the series (episodes) in one great big envelope. They’d weigh a tonne. You’d read them because you wouldn’t know what the scripts were before you got them. You’d be going, ‘Oh that is so funny. That’s hilarious’. Just knowing that we’re going to spend the next three or four months laughing your head off every day”.

Jones! is currently screening repeats of Hi-de-Hi! and You Rang M’Lord in New Zealand. Both series were hugely popular when they originally aired in NZ and, as with the repeats here in the UK, still attract lots of viewers when they air.

• Continue reading at Stuff. (Photo © BBC)


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TV Guide: Say Hi-de-Hi to Life

May 23rd, 2018

tvguide18aThere’s a new Su interview in New Zealand magazine TV Guide.

Su Pollard talks life after a hit TV series.

Some actresses fade into obscurity after they leave a hit TV show – but Su Pollard isn’t one of them.

The 68 year old, who is best known for her role on comedy series Hi-de-Hi!, in which she played lovable chambermaid Peggy, was labelled a ‘national treasure’ in a British newspaper last month and is usually photographed wearing brightly coloured attire.

When she spoke with TV Guide, Pollard was looking forward to visiting Birmingham for a guest role in British soap Doctors.

“Myself and Ruth Madoc (who plays Gladys on Hi-de-Hi!), we’re both in love with the same chap,” she says of her Doctors storyline.

• The full interview is currently available to read at PressReader or in TV Guide (for those of you in New Zealand).

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BBC Radio 2: Su on The Michael Ball Show

May 17th, 2018

Su guested on The Michael Ball Show on BBC Radio 2 last month. A lengthy portion of her interview is available as a standalone audio clip at the BBCR2 website. (Photo © BBC)

Su Pollard chats to Michael about Last Laugh In Vegas
Su Pollard pops by to have a chat to Michael about her show The Last Laugh In Vegas.


Michael Ball Show/BBCR2: “Afternoon Delight with Su Pollard”

April 22nd, 2018

bbcr217aListen to Su’s faberoonie interview with Michael Ball which aired earlier today on BBC Radio 2.

Su chatted about all manner of topics – including what she was currently wearing, not running the London Marathon, a brief overview of the concept of Last Laugh in Vegas, with lots of chat about her experiences in Las Vegas and how she got on with the other stars during the two weeks of filming. There was also the announcement of a new show Su will be appearing in, playing at the Edinburgh Festival in August - More about that very soon!

The interview begins approximately 1hr 31m into the show and runs for around 15 minutes, which includes a break for some music.

• Listen online at BBC Radio iPlayer for the next month.

BBC Radio 2: Su & Jess on Graham Norton’s Clips

April 15th, 2018

Su and, her fellow Last Laugh in Vegas star, Jess Conrad guested on Graham Norton’s BBC Radio 2 show on 31st March. Their full interview is now available at Graham’s Clips section at the BBCR2 website. Click on the photo to listen. (Photo © BBC)

Su Pollard and Jess Conrad on Vegas, World’s Worst Records, and singing dogs – Entertainers Su Pollard and Jess Conrad on the show ITV show Last Laugh In Vegas.


Su on the Radio: BBC Radio Lancashire

April 13th, 2018

bbclanc18aSu and, her Last Laugh in Vegas co-star, Bernie Clifton guested on Graham Liver’s show on BBC Radio Lancashire on Tuesday.

Bernie Clifton & Su Pollard: Stars of The Last Laugh talk to Graham about the series, which sees some of the most famous names from comedy, music and variety from the 60s, 70s and 80s prepare for the gig of a lifetime.

• Listen to the interview at BBC iPlayer Radio.

What’s on TV: Interview: Su Talks Last Laugh in Vegas

April 3rd, 2018

wotv18aSu Pollard: ‘I’d tell anyone to go to Vegas if they can. It was a great adventure!’

A group of showbiz legends are given one last shot to put on a show in the variety capital of the world in new ITV show, Last Laugh in Vegas. Here, Su Pollard lifts the lid on what happened in Sin City…

Here, Su, 68, reveals all about preparing for the big night…

How did you find rehearsals for the show?
“We had this lovely choreographer, who initially wanted to see what we could do and it was almost a form of bonding. Anita had great poise and Bobby Ball was mincing around. I’m not a brilliant dancer but you have to do your best. I did feel vulnerable in there because there’s nothing to hide behind. You’ve got all your mates cheering you on but you’re thinking: ‘I’m absolutely dreadful!”

Vegas drag act Frank Marino was the producer on the show. What was he like? And what pointers did he give you?
“I thought Frank was the epitome of showbiz. He does a drag act in Vegas as Joan Rivers and he’s fantastic! He knows exactly what the Vegas audience wants and he gave each of us constructive criticism – he said I needed a translator because I speak too quick!”


In between rehearsals, you get to experience what life is like for the locals in Vegas. Didn’t you all have a go at pole dancing?
“Yes! We had a lady, Tanya, who would show us something different every day and, this time, she showed us how to do pole dancing. Well, Tommy Cannon was fabulous. He’s got a core as strong as you like and he’s nearly 80! He could pole-dance anybody into the ground – whereas the rest of us just fell on the ground!”

• Continue reading Su’s interview at What’s On TV. (Photo © ITV)

Su on the Radio: Graham Norton BBC R2 TOMORROW!

March 30th, 2018

bbcr217aJust a quick reminder Su will be guesting on Graham Norton’s BBC Radio 2 show tomorrow morning. The show begins at 10am. with a plethora of guests, including Su and Jess Conrad.

Graham Norton: BBCR2: Sat 31st March: 10am
With Matt Cardle, Su Pollard and Jess Conrad. Graham hosts a vibrant Saturday mix of music, problems and celebrity chat. Singer Matt Cardle chatting about his new album, vocalists Judie Tzuke, Beverley Craven and Julia Fordham discussing their new tour, and Su Pollard with Jess Conrad on ITV’s new reality show Last Laugh In Vegas.

• Listen to the show live or catch up post-airing at BBC iPlayer Radio.

Mirror: Su Pollard on Being An Unlikely Style Icon

March 27th, 2018

mirror18a‘Years ago people would snigger at my outfits, now they want pictures with me’

The comedy actress and performer, 68, on why young people are so fabulous, performing in Vegas, and why she’d never slum it in tracksuit bottoms…

Su Pollard, you won’t be surprised to learn, knows how to make an entrance. She greets us like a long-lost relative.

‘You made it, well done, my darling!’ she says, after we’d been stuck on a delayed train, her distinctive Nottingham accent undoubtedly heard five miles up the road.

She has also gone to great lengths not to disappoint on the sartorial front (just imagine if she’d turned up in joggers). She’s wearing a mini dress covered in black sequins decorated with four necklaces (red beads, a golden one with a silver motif, two jangly, chunky ones), a black velvet jacket covered in bling, beading and fringing and – our favourite bit – a bow with a picture of Snow White on it in her very short hair.

“It’s just what you’d wear to go to Sainsbury’s. Which I do,” she exclaims.

• Continue reading at The Mirror. (Photos © Rex)


Sunday Express: Su Talks Holidays!

March 4th, 2018

express18aSu Pollard reveals her most memorable holiday… and her worst

Comedy actress and singer Su Pollard, 68, most famous for her role of chalet maid Peggy in the sitcom Hi-de-Hi! set in a fictional 1960s holiday camp, has travelled the world both for work and pleasure. She is single and lives in North London.


Twenty years ago, on the South Island of New Zealand where I’d been working. Along with cast members, we visited an Albatross breeding colony. We were there at the exact moment the chicks started hatching and emerged from the eggs. It was the most magical experience. We also saw two penguins arm in arm. I am totally smitten with New Zealand.


New York with my sister Jean. We joined a four-hour bus sightseeing tour in freezing temperatures visiting areas such as Queens and Brooklyn. It was pouring with rain and the windows were held together with gaffer tape to stop the water getting in. But the roof leaked terribly. By the time we got off, they could have chopped off our feet and we wouldn’t have felt the pain. The only good part was that I saw a brownstone house where Barbra Streisand once lived. I’m one of her biggest fans.

• Continue reading at the Sunday Express.

Celebrity Radio: Su Pollard Interview

December 23rd, 2017

A great new panto interview with Su, by Alex Belfield of Celebrity Radio.

Radio X: Plug My Panto

December 19th, 2017

Su Pollard is looking like a fabulous box of quality street in her panto outfit… Su “plugged” Snow White on Radio X’s Chris Moyles Show this morning. Click below to watch/listen at Twitter.