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BBC News: The Inside Story Of Hi-de-Hi!

February 13th, 2018

hidehi15cMorning campers! The inside story of 80s sitcom Hi-de-Hi!

The antics of the employees of Maplins holiday camp entertained viewers for nearly a decade and made huge stars of the cast of Hi-de-Hi! Thirty years after the last episode was shown, on 30 January 1988, they have been sharing their memories with the BBC.

“All these years later, people say to me how wonderful it was and how we love the show,” says Jeffrey Holland, who played the camp’s comedian Spike Dixon. “You can’t get 19 or 20 million viewers now.

“I meet young actors now who know me from the 1980s, and they are often thrilled to meet me for that reason, and that’s so gratifying.”

Hi-de-Hi! was Holland’s big break, with the role of Spike written with him in mind. “It was the first thing I ever did that made my face known,” the actor says.

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