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Su on the Radio: Graham Norton BBC R2 TOMORROW!

March 30th, 2018

bbcr217aJust a quick reminder Su will be guesting on Graham Norton’s BBC Radio 2 show tomorrow morning. The show begins at 10am. with a plethora of guests, including Su and Jess Conrad.

Graham Norton: BBCR2: Sat 31st March: 10am
With Matt Cardle, Su Pollard and Jess Conrad. Graham hosts a vibrant Saturday mix of music, problems and celebrity chat. Singer Matt Cardle chatting about his new album, vocalists Judie Tzuke, Beverley Craven and Julia Fordham discussing their new tour, and Su Pollard with Jess Conrad on ITV’s new reality show Last Laugh In Vegas.

• Listen to the show live or catch up post-airing at BBC iPlayer Radio.

TV Times: Su Pollard

March 30th, 2018

tvtimes18aIn 2010 Su starred in an episode of ITV’s Benidorm, “I flew to Benidorm on the Sunday, filmed all day Monday and then flew back to do Annie in Milton Keynes on the Tuesday!”

Su, 68, is known for her eccentric style, “I remember going to C&A when I was four and knowing exactly what I wanted. I will happily wear a tie with a dress if I think it will work”.

Su can’t drive, “I’d be a boy racer. I couldn’t stand the responsibility of driving and journeys of more than 40 minutes bore me rigid!”.

Last Laugh in Vegas, ITV.

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Metro: Our Top Shows to Watch in April 2018

March 30th, 2018

metro18aRich Kids Go Skint and Last Laugh In Vegas: Our top shows to watch in April 2018

What happens when nine British showbiz legends from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s are given the chance to put on their dream gig in the entertainment capital of the world? The theatre is booked for one night only as comedy double act Cannon & Ball, entertainer Bernie Clifton, comedian Mick Miller, pianist and entertainer Bobby Crush, singer Kenny Lynch, 60’s pop idol Jess Conrad OBE, actress and singer Anita Harris and actress, singer and comedienne Su Pollard all head to Vegas. For two weeks they’ll live together, explore the city and rehearse with top Las Vegas producer Frank Marino preparing for the big show in one of the city’s most iconic theatres. Airs 3 April at 9pm on ITV

• Continue reading at the Metro.

Su on TV: Hacker Time

March 30th, 2018

Hacker Time: CBBC: Sunday 8th April:  12.15pm
Luis Troyano. Series 6, Episode 8. Fun, chat and music from Hacker T Dog. Great British Bake Off finalist Luis Troyano joins Hacker, Derek, Lolly, Wilf, Herman, Larry and whoever the other ones are. Expect plenty of cake jokes, some of them funny! Plus Cel Spellman stars in Lost and Found (…& Lost Again) and another trip to The Accommodation Place. Starring: Simon Lowe, Su Pollard.


Su on TV: Better Known For Other Things

March 30th, 2018

Better Known For Other Things: NOW 80s: Tuesday 3rd April: 8pm
Anyone for a bit of Nick Berry or Su Pollard? Soap stars, movie stars and comedians – they all made music (of variable quality), but were all better known for something else!

• NOW 80s airs on Sky channel number 378.

TV Choice: Last Laugh in Vegas

March 29th, 2018

lliv18eThat’s entertainment!

They’re some of our best-loved entertainers from the past 50 years, and now they’re heading to the entertainment capital of the world to stage a variety spectacular. But will two weeks be enough to hone their acts for an American audience?

‘I went about 30 years ago and I really liked it. I wasn’t interested in the gambling, but I thought I just love the idea of all the tall buildings and the bright lights,’ says Su Pollard, one of the series’ star turns.

‘Of course, you think you’ll never go back. When they said this is culminating in a fabulous show, I replied, “Right. That’s it. I shall sign now.”’

• Continue reading at TV Choice.

Su on Loose Women: Catch-Up at ITV Hub

March 29th, 2018

Su backstage and on the panel, with Guest Presenter Jane Seymour, on yesterday’s Loose Women. Catch up with the show at the Loose Women website and the ITV Hub - Free membership is required to view ITV Hub content. (Photos © ITV/Loose Women)


Oh, Doctor Beeching!: A New Blog Page

March 29th, 2018

A new blog page dedicated to Oh, Doctor Beeching!, courtesy of Bradley Basement.


Su on TV: You Rang, M’Lord? (Episodes Three & Four)

March 29th, 2018

drama18aYou Rang, M’Lord?: Drama: Thu 5th April: 4pm
A Deed Of A Gift. (Series 1, Episode 3). Lady Lavender sends for her solicitor. She instructs that her shares in the Union Jack Rubber Company be given to Ivy. James is tortured by thoughts of Poppy after she asks to feel his muscles, then Lavender sends for her solicitor again.

You Rang, M’Lord?: Drama: Friday 6th April: 4pm
Love and Money. (Series 1, Episode 4). Lord Meldrum thinks that Lady Lavender has gone too far and wants her declared mentially unstable, whilst Teddy is determined to pay Ivy a visit in her room no matter how dangerous the route. A party thrown for Miss Cissy’s birthday brings a few surprises.

Su on TV & Radio: 28th March – 11th April

March 28th, 2018

suontv18aThere is a LOT of Su on upcoming TV and radio, including her guest appearance on today’s Loose Women on ITV.

Here is a handy “at a glance” guide to the next fortnight:

Loose Women: ITV: Wed 28th March: 12.30pm
Graham Norton: BBC Radio 2: Sat 31st Mar: 10am
Hi-de-Hi!: Drama: Tue 3rd April: 1.40pm
Hi-de-Hi!: Drama: Tue 3rd April: 6pm
You Rang, M’Lord?: Drama: Tue 3rd April: 4pm
Last Laugh in Vegas: ITV: Tue 3rd April: 9pm
Hi-de-Hi!: Drama: Wed 4th April: 1.40pm
Hi-de-Hi!: Drama: Wed 4th April: 6pm
You Rang, M’Lord?: Drama: Wed 4th April: 4pm
Hi-de-Hi!: Drama: Thu  5th April: 1.40pm
Hi-de-Hi!: Drama: Thu 5th April: 6pm
You Rang, M’Lord?: Drama: Thu 5th April: 4pm
Celebrity Antiques Road Trip: Lifestyle HD/Foxtel:
Fri 6th April: 7.55am

Hi-de-Hi!: Drama Fri 6th April: 1.40pm
Hi-de-Hi!: Drama Fri 6th April: 6pm
You Rang, M’Lord?: Drama: Fri 6th April: 4pm
Hi-de-Hi!: Drama: Mon 9th April: 1.40pm
Hi-de-Hi!: Drama Mon 9th April: 6pm
You Rang, M’Lord?: Drama: Mon 9th April: 4pm
Hi-de-Hi!: Drama: Tue 10th April: 1.40pm
Hi-de-Hi!: Drama: Tue 10th April: 6pm
You Rang, M’Lord?: Drama: Tue 10th April: 4pm
Last Laugh in Vegas: ITV: Tue 10th April: 9pm
Hi-de-Hi!: Drama: Wed 11th April: 1.40pm
Hi-de-Hi!: Drama: Wed 11th April: 6pm
You Rang, M’Lord?: Drama: Wed 11th April: 4pm

Phew! Watch as they air, set your recording device, or catch up on, yup, catch-up. (Photos © BBC, ITV)

Mirror: Su Pollard on Being An Unlikely Style Icon

March 27th, 2018

mirror18a‘Years ago people would snigger at my outfits, now they want pictures with me’

The comedy actress and performer, 68, on why young people are so fabulous, performing in Vegas, and why she’d never slum it in tracksuit bottoms…

Su Pollard, you won’t be surprised to learn, knows how to make an entrance. She greets us like a long-lost relative.

‘You made it, well done, my darling!’ she says, after we’d been stuck on a delayed train, her distinctive Nottingham accent undoubtedly heard five miles up the road.

She has also gone to great lengths not to disappoint on the sartorial front (just imagine if she’d turned up in joggers). She’s wearing a mini dress covered in black sequins decorated with four necklaces (red beads, a golden one with a silver motif, two jangly, chunky ones), a black velvet jacket covered in bling, beading and fringing and – our favourite bit – a bow with a picture of Snow White on it in her very short hair.

“It’s just what you’d wear to go to Sainsbury’s. Which I do,” she exclaims.

• Continue reading at The Mirror. (Photos © Rex)


What’s On TV: Last Laugh in Vegas

March 27th, 2018

wotv18aNine heavy-duty celebrities go for broke in Sin City.

Nine of the UK’s best-loved, battle-hardened performers get to fulfil a lifelong dream as they’re given one last shot at putting on a spectacular show in the variety capital of the world: Las Vegas!

Comedy duo Cannon & Ball, entertainer Bernie Clifton, comedian Mick Miller, pianist Bobby Crush, all-rounder Kenny Lynch, Sixties idol Jess Conrad, singer Anita Harris, and actor and comedian Su Pollard will be filmed 24/7 as they live together, explore Vegas and rehearse for their one-night-only show (which will air on ITV3 at the end of the four-part series) at The Orleans Hotel & Casino.

Will any of our showbiz legends get stage fright?

• Continue reading at What’s On TV. (Photo © ITV)


Su on Australian TV: Celebrity Antiques Road Trip

March 27th, 2018

Celebrity Antiques Road Trip: Lifestyle HD/Foxtel: Friday 6th April: 7.55am
Series 6, Episode 3. Celebrities hunt for antiques across the UK. Two luvvies from the world of stage and TV, Ruth Madoc and Su Pollard, best known for their appearances in sitcom Hi-De-Hi, are antique hunting with Phil Serrell and Raj Bisram. (Photo © BBC)


Su on TV: Hi-de-Hi! on Drama (Episodes 2 – 5)

March 24th, 2018

hidehi15bWell, you wait around for what feels like an eternity for a Perry & Croft sitcom to be repeated on TV and then not one but TWO appear simultaneously.

Drama are also set to air episodes of Hi-De-Hi! from the very beginning – give or take a Pilot Episode – as well as the aforementioned You Rang, M’Lord?

• Browse Su Online’s comprehensive Hi-de-Hi! Episode Guide. It includes details on each episode, cast lists, original air dates and more.


Hi-de-Hi!: Drama: Tuesday 3rd April: 1.40pm/6pm
Hi-de-Hi!: Drama: Saturday 7th April: 5pm
Hi-de-Hi!: Drama: Sunday 8th April: 12pm
Desire in the Mickey Mouse Grotto. (Series 1, Episode 1). Sitcom set in a holiday camp. The runner-up in the Holiday Princess competition is seen entering a staff chalet late at night. Starring: Simon Cadell, Paul Shane, Jeffrey Holland, Felix Bowness, Ruth Madoc, Su Pollard.

Hi-de-Hi!: Drama: Wednesday 4th April: 1.40pm/6pm
Hi-de-Hi!: Drama: Saturday 7th April: 5.40pm
Hi-de-Hi!: Drama: Sunday 8th April: 12.40pm
The Beauty Queen Affair. (Series 1, Episode 2). Classic holiday camp sitcom. A camper tries to bribe the entertainments manager, while steps are taken to stop the camp host from celebrating his birthday every two weeks in order to get presents from the campers. Starring: Simon Cadell, Paul Shane, Jeffrey Holland, Ruth Madoc, Felix Bowness, Diane Holland.

Hi-de-Hi!: Drama: Thursday 5th April: 1.40pm/6pm
Hi-de-Hi!: Drama: Saturday 7th April: 6.20pm
Hi-de-Hi!: Drama: Sunday 8th April: 1.20pm
The Partridge Season. (Series 1, Episode 3). The classic comedy series set at Maplin’s Holiday Camp in 1959. The Punch and Judy man gets drunk and everyone tries to cover up for him to keep the senior staff in ignorance. Starring: Simon Cadell, Paul Shane, Jeffrey Holland, Ruth Madoc, Felix Bowness, Diane Holland.

Hi-de-Hi!: Drama: Friday 6th April: 1.40pm/6pm
Hi-de-Hi!: Drama: Saturday 14th April: 5pm
Hi-de-Hi!: Drama: Sunday 15th April: 12pm
The Day of Reckoning. (Series 1, Episode 4). The classic comedy series set at Maplin’s Holiday Camp in 1959. Ex-jockey Fred Quilly once took a bribe to fix a race, but failed to keep the horse from winning. Now he is convinced that the betting gang have tracked him down and are out for revenge. Starring: Simon Cadell, Paul Shane, Ruth Madoc, Su Pollard, Jeffrey Holland, Felix Bowness.