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The Express: Comedy Comebacks

August 28th, 2016

yourang16aComedy Comebacks: Why not bring back these much-loved classics?

This Sunday the BBC begins its 60 years of British sitcoms season with a new production of Are You Being Served?


A parody of Upstairs, Downstairs set in the 1920s, this was the last sitcom from Jimmy Perry and David Croft, responsible for much-loved classics Dad’s Army, It Ain’t Half Hot Mum and Hi-de-Hi!

It starred actors from previous Perry & Croft shows, including Su Pollard, Paul Shane, and Michael Knowles. Four series were broadcast from 1990 to 1993 but the programme has rarely been repeated.  However it enjoys a cult following in Hungary where it is regularly shown under the title Csengetett, Mylord?

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Su on TV: Hi-de-Hi! (on BBC2: Series 1 & 2)

August 28th, 2016

Hi-de-Hi!: BBC2: Monday 29th August: 2.15pm
Charity Begins At Home. Series 1, Episode 5: First broadcast: 26/03/1981. Ted gets the Yellowcoats involved in his latest fiddle – the Campers Amenity Fund,  meanwhile Jeffrey comes across two old people who are suffering from a case of very bad luck. Guest Cast: HARRY MARKHAM (Old Man), JOSEPHINE ANTOSZ (Old Woman).

Hi-de-Hi!: BBC2: Tuesday 30th August: 2.15pm
If Wet – In the Ballroom. Series 2, Episode 1: First broadcast: 29/11/1981. The staff are at their wits’ end trying to amuse the campers. Rain has been tumbling down for days and they have practically exhausted their repertoire of indoor amusements. Guest Cast: SAM SMART (Charlie Ruckston ‘No. 7′), WENDY HALL (Olwen Jones ‘No. 8′).

Hi-de-Hi!: BBC2: Wednesday 31st August: 2.15pm
Peggy’s Big Chance, Series 2, Episode 2: First broadcast: 06/12/1981. Peggy has a burning ambition to become a Yellowcoat. Jeffrey arranges an interview, meanwhile Ted is planning a pool wheeze but needs somebody to be the shark.

Hi-de-Hi!: BBC2: Thursday 1st September: 2.15pm
Lift Up Your Minds. Series 2, Episode 3: First broadcast: 13/12/1981. Ex-professor Fairbrother decides to bring some culture into the entertainments programme by presenting a recital of classical music. Naturally the campers are less than keen. Guest Cast: JEAN CHALLIS (Woman), ROY HEATHER (Second man).

Hi-de-Hi!: BBC2: Friday 2nd September: 2.15pm
On With The Motley. Series 2, Episode 4: First broadcast: 20/12/1981. The Camp Host is getting his big chance at a posh golf club dinner, but first he must persuade Jeffrey to give him the time off.

Su on TV: Who’s Doing The Dishes?

August 28th, 2016

Who’s Doing The Dishes?: ITV: Monday 5th September: 3pm
Series 3, Episode 1: Brian McFadden presents a new series of the dining challenge show in which contestants are invited to dinner at a mystery celebrity’s house and must guess who their host is. Comedy actress Su Pollard attempts to baffle a team of magicians. Will they be saying Hi-de-Hi, or be doing the dishes?


Su Online News Archive: Nov 2015 – July 2016

August 22nd, 2016

Su news for the past eight months has now been linked to/archived. Visit our News Archive by clicking below.


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Su in Hacker Time / Watch at BBC iPlayer

August 21st, 2016

Su in Hacker Time. Five episodes, featuring Su, are currently available to watch at BBC iPlayer.


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Su on TV: More Hi-de-Hi!

August 18th, 2016

Hi-de-Hi!: BBC2: Tuesday 23rd August: 2.15pm
Desire in the Mickey Mouse Grotto. Series 1, Episode 1: First broadcast: 26/02/1981. When Ted Bovis arranges a secret meeting with an attractive young girl camper their romantic intentions are cut short by the arrival of security. In an attempt to avoid capture they unwittingly set suspicions on Jeffrey Fairbrother. Guest Cast: RICHARD COTTON (Marty Storm), DEREK BENFIELD (Rose’s Dad), PEARL HACKNEY (Rose’s Mum), GILLIAN TAYLFORTH (Rose), JIMMY MAC (Camper at table), KEITH JAMES (Camper at bar).

Hi-de-Hi!: BBC2: Wednesday 24th August: 2.15pm
The Beauty Queen Affair. Series 1, Episode 2: First broadcast: 05/03/1981. A beauty contest at Maplin’s brings forth an offer to fix the contest for Jeffrey Fairbrother whilst Ted is indulging in a few fiddles of his own. Guest Cast: BOBBY DENNIS (Harry Plowright), RONNIE BRODY (Reg), MARIANNE TOLLAST (Hilda).

Hi-de-Hi!: BBC2: Thursday 25th August: 2.15pm
The Partridge Season. Series 1, Episode 3: First broadcast: 12/03/1981. Mr. Partridge goes on one of his seasonal “benders” which results in him locking his chalet door and refusing to come out. Unable to sober him up Jeffrey is forced to perform the Punch & Judy show.


Hi-de-Hi!: BBC2: Friday 26th August: 2.15pm
The Day Of Reckoning. Series 1, Episode 4: First broadcast: 19/03/1981. Fred Quilly thinks that the racing mobster Big Mac from Brighton has tracked him down to Maplin’s Holiday Camp, the staff are on their toes to prevent Big Mac from taking his revenge. Guest Cast: JOHN BARDON (Ron Armitage), DOREMY VERNON (Mrs. Armitage), SHAUN CURRY (Horsebox Driver).

Su on TV: Hi-de-Hi!

August 16th, 2016

Hi-de-Hi!: BBC2: Monday 22nd August: 2.30pm
Pilot Episode. The very first episode of the sitcom set in a holiday camp. It’s 1959, and when the entertainment staff assemble for the new season, they discover that a university professor has been appointed director of operations. Starring: Paul Shane, Su Pollard, Simon Cadell, Jeffrey Holland, Ruth Madoc, Felix Bowness.


Su on TV: Hacker Time

August 16th, 2016

Hacker Time: CBBC: Thursday 18th August: 9am
Hacker Time: CBBC: Thursday 18th August: 1.30pm
Paul Martin. Series 6, Episode 9. Fun, chat and music from Hacker T Dog. Expect antique jokes and jokes about antiques as Paul Martin from Flog It! joins Hacker in the studio. Plus Cel Spellman appears in Lost and Found (…& Lost Again) and Simon Lowe and Su Pollard feature in another edition of The Accommodation Place.. Starring: Simon Lowe, Su Pollard.

Hacker Time: CBBC: Friday 19th August: 9am
Hacker Time: CBBC: Friday 19th August: 1.30pm
Ricky Martin. Series 6, Episode 10. Fun, chat and music from Hacker T Dog. CBBC’s Art Ninja, Ricky Martin, joins Hacker in the studio for a show about all things art. Plus Luke and Leia sing about their potent breath in Lost and Found (…& Lost Again) and there’s a final trip to Rearend-On-Sea for The Accommodation Place. Starring: Simon Lowe, Su Pollard.


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Su on TV: Lorraine (ITV)

August 9th, 2016

Su guests on ITV’s morning show Lorraine at the beginning of next month, to discuss her upcoming uest appearance on Who’s Doing The Dishes?

Lorraine: ITV: Friday 2nd September: 8.30am
Morning show with a topical mix of entertainment, discussion and showbiz glamour, as well as featuring the latest fashion, food and celebrity gossip.


Su & Ruth Madoc on BBC1′s ‘Celebrity Antiques Road Trip’

August 9th, 2016

Su and Ruth Madoc have filmed an episode of the BBC1 series Celebrity Antiques Road Trip. The hit series in which antiques experts accompany celebrities on a road trip around the UK searching for treasures and competing to make the most money at auction.

More details on that, again, as soon as it’s made available.


Hi-de-Hi!: Re-Runs To Air on BBC2 Afternoons

August 9th, 2016

BBC2 will be airing classic comedy series during their afternoon schedules again from later this month, including Hi-de-Hi! Last year the complete nine series were repeated. Catch Hi-de-Hi! at 2.30pm on 22nd August, though air times will vary.

• Browse Su Online’s comprehensive Hi-de-Hi! Episode Guide, compiled by Rob Cope, for lots of info on the series. It includes details on each episode, cast lists, original air dates and more.


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Su to Guest on ITV’s ‘Who’s Doing The Dishes?’

August 9th, 2016

Su will guest on a forthcoming edition of the Who’s Doing The Dishes?, the daytime series for ITV presented by Brian McFadden, featuring a host of celebrity faces all trying their hand at cooking… or cleaning as the case may be.

We will bring you confirmed airdates as soon as we know them!


Su on Six Episodes of CBBC’s ‘Hacker Time’

August 9th, 2016

Su has recorded six episodes of the CBBC show Hacker Time. She has told us that she loved working on this, saying it was “really daft. The epsiodes begin airing next week. See our news post below for days and times.

Hacker Time: Follow the continuing adventures of Hacker T Dog on his quest for talk show stardom. Each day he tricks a new celebrity guest into his studio for sketches, singing and all-out mayhem.


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Su on TV: Most Shocking Events Of The 80s/Celebrities Who Sing

August 9th, 2016

Su will guest on a couple of other shows in the coming months – Most Shocking Events Of The 80s and Celebrities Who Sing. The latter will focus on Starting Together.

Unfortunately we don’t yet know when these will air or on which channels (possibly Channel 5!), but as soon as the info is available it will be posted here.