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Hi-de-Hi!: Upcoming Episodes

February 25th, 2015

hidehi15gHi-de-Hi! is airing on BBC2. As you can see below epiosdes aren’t being shown strictly in original series/episode running order, and airdates and times vary for BBC2 Scotland and Wales. Please keep checking the BBC2 website to stay up to date.

Hi-de-Hi!: BBC2: Wed 25th February: 4.45pm
Empty Saddles. Joe Maplin orders that Fred Quilly’s lame horses must be sent to the knackers-yard. It falls upon the entertainment staff to try to save the horses from their fate. Series 5, episode 3 – First broadcast: (11/12/1983) – Not airing at this time on BBC Scotland.

Hi-de-Hi!: BBC2: Thursday 26th February: 4.45pm
The Society Entertainer. Jeffrey decides that a change of voice on Radio Maplin would be a good idea. In the meantime Spike meets a femme fetale which results in a dramatic change in his outlook. Ted however has other ideas. Series 4, episode 5 – First broadcast: (02/01/1983)

Hi-de-Hi!: BBC2: Friday 27th February: 4.45pm
Sing You Sinners. Owing to the departure of the local vicar, Jeffrey finds himself conducting the Sunday half-hour. Needless to say he makes a hash of it. Series 4, episode 6 – First broadcast: (09/01/1983) – Not airing at this time on BBC Wales.

Hi-de-Hi!: BBC2: Sunday 1st March: 2.45pm
Save Our Heritage. When a local cottage is faced with with destruction and it’s owner threatened with eviction to make way for an extension to the camp Jeffrey is insensed and rallies the staff into thwarting Joe Maplin’s plans. Series 5, episode 2 – First broadcast: (04/12/1983)

Hi-de-Hi!: BBC2: Monday 2nd March: 4.45pm
All Change. Joe Maplin appoints a supervisor of all Yellowcoats who requires a chalet all to herself, which throws the accomodation situation into chaos. She also takes an immediate dislike to Gladys and demotes her. Series 4, episode 8 – First broadcast: (23/01/1983)

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Hi-de-Hi!: Continues on BBC2!

February 19th, 2015

hidehi15dHi-de-Hi! continues to air, and enthrall a whole new audience – as well as many from the first time around, on BBC2 each weekday afternoon.

Series Three is currently showing and is halfway through the series, and Series Four will begin next Tuesday, with “Co-Respondent’s Course”.

View the full upcoming schedule at the BBC2 website. Please note times may vary on certain days for BBC Scotland. Episodes airing over the next few days on BBC2 are:

Hi-de-Hi!: BBC2: Thu 19th February: 4.45pm
The Pay-Off. The local council are still determined to build the hospital next to Maplin’s. Joe sends a shoebox full of money to Jeffrey with instructions that he is to bribe the four councillors. First broadcast: (02/11/1982)

Hi-de-Hi!: BBC2: Friday 20th February: 4.45pm
Trouble and Strife. Ted Bovis’s ex-wife turns up at the camp demanding the arrears of her maintenance. She has in tow a bailiff who presents Ted with a writ. Failure to pay could result in prison for Ted. He is forced to resort to all the fiddles he can remember in order to raise the money. First broadcast: (28/11/1982)

Hi-de-Hi!: BBC2: Monday 23rd February: 4.45pm
Stripes. After a secret visit to the camp, Joe Maplin decides that Gladys should be put in charge of the Yellowcoats. First broadcast: (05/12/1982)

• Browse Su Online’s comprehensive Hi-de-Hi! Episode Guide, lovingly compiled by Rob Cope. It includes details on each episode, cast lists, original air dates and more.

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Su Online News Archive: January 2015

February 18th, 2015

Su news for January 2015 has now been archived. Visit our News Archive by clicking below.


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The Hi-de-Hi! Companion: 2015 Book Offer

February 18th, 2015

hicomp15aTo celebrate the return of Hi-de-Hi! to BBC 2, the acclaimed Hi-de-Hi! Companion book has been reduced to £15 including postage and packing to mainland UK. 

The Hi-de-Hi! Companion, written by lifelong fans Rob Cope & Mike Fury, traces the success of the programme from the recording of the pilot right the way through to it’s moving finale 58 episodes later.

A glittering array of famous names connected with the show have contributed to the book among them Paul Shane, Ruth Madoc, Jeffrey Holland, Su Pollard, David Griffin, Diane Holland, Barry Howard,  Felix Bowness, Nikki Kelly, The Webb Twins, Chris Andrews and many others. The book also has major input from the two geniuses who created the show:  Jimmy Perry OBE and David Croft OBE.    

Learn all about the holiday camp movement that inspired the series, the stars from the show,  the stage versions, the episodes and how the BBC invaded a small Essex coastal town and turned it into Crimpton On Sea !

The book also charts the story of You Rang, M’Lord?, the other great Perry and Croft show that starred the Shane / Holland / Pollard team. Among those giving their thoughts on the series are cast members Donald Hewlett,  Michael Knowles, Perry Benson, Barbara New, Susie Brann, Yvonne Marsh and Amanda Bellamy.

With a wealth of rare never before seen photos from behind the scenes of both shows this is the ultimate 250 page tribute to two hugely popular comedies from the golden age television. 

• Visit for more details on the book and to buy your copy at this great price.

Hi-de-Hi! on BBC2!

February 11th, 2015

hidehi15cHi-de-Hi! continues to air on BBC2 each afternoon (except Saturdays, air times may differ too on BBC Scotland), with Series Two episodes being shown this week and Series Three beginning next Monday (“Nice People With Nice Manners”). Stay updated on the full upcoming schedule at the BBC2 website.

The classic episode from Series Two, with Su taking centre stage, “Peggy’s Big Chance” aired yesterday afternoon. Unfortunately the episodes aren’t being made available on BBC iPlayer so do make sure you set your recorders/reminders. Episodes airing over the next few days on BBC2 are:

Hi-de-Hi!: BBC2: Wednesday 11th February: 4.45pm
Lift Up Your Minds (Series 2, Episode 3) Ex-professor Fairbrother decides to bring some culture into the entertainments programme by presenting a recital of classical music. Naturally the campers are less than keen.

Hi-de-Hi!: BBC2: Thursday 12th February: 4.45pm
On With The Motley (Series 2, Episode 4) The Camp Host is getting his big chance at a posh golf club dinner, but first he must persuade Jeffrey to give him the time off.

Hi-de-Hi!: BBC2: Friday 13th February: 4.45pm
A Night Not To Remember (Series 2, Episode 5) Jeffrey gets exceedingly drunk and has to be escorted back to his chalet with man hungry Yellowcoat Gladys Pugh. What actually occurred when they were alone?

Hi-de-Hi!: Begins Airing Today!

February 2nd, 2015

hidehi15bA reminder that Hi-de-Hi! begins ariring from the very first episode (originally broadcast just over 35 years ago!) on BBC2 this afternoon. This is the first time the classic sitcom has been repeated by the BBC since the 1990s.

View the full upcoming schedule at the BBC2 website. Episodes are airing in the afternoon every day except Saturdays.

• Browse Su Online’s comprehensive Hi-de-Hi! Episode Guide, lovingly compiled by Rob Cope. It includes details on each episode, cast lists, original air dates and more.

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