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Ha Ha Hood!: ‘The Stage’ Review

August 27th, 2014

stage12aThe Civic Theatre, Chelmsford
by Nick Dines

Following previous renditions of this successful parody series, including last year’s critically acclaimed Ha Ha Holmes!, Ha Ha Hood and The Prince of Leaves provides a welcome escape from reality.

With Tommy Cannon in the guise of both the Sheriff of Nottingham and Little John and Bobby Ball thriving as Friar Tuck and Guy of Gisborne, as ever the duo are fuelled with an insatiable quest to entertain. Forever ad-libbing and preying on unsuspecting audience members, the pair admirably evolve with the times, even to the extent of taking selfies.

 … With the added ingredient of Su Pollard as no-nonsense Maid Marian, dressed in her usual discreet way, the trio work well together. Showcasing her vocal range, Pollard delivers one of the most novel takeaway orders you’re likely to hear.

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Ha Ha Hood!: ‘Michael Gray’s Arts Blog’ Review

August 26th, 2014

hahahood14nThe Civic Theatre, Chelmsford

Three light entertainment legends on the Civic stage, as Ha Ha Hood chooses Chelmsford to launch its national tour. Sherlock Holmes last year, Robin Hood this, as the ageing outlaw teams up with Maid Marian, Friar Tuck and Little John for madcap new adventures.

Cannon and Ball, no less, are the Merry Men, wisecracking their way through Sherwood Forest with catchphrases and ad libs galore.

Su Pollard, a genuine Nottingham lass, gets to play Maid Marian, who in this version has ended up as a nurse in colonic irrigation. Which gives some idea of the level of the humour here. [“Well, it's not Shakespeare, is it,” as Bobby Ball so rightly remarks.]

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