Rev Stan’s Theatre Blog: Su Pollard Interview

July 18th, 2018

revstan18aAnother new interview with Su, discussing Harpy and the forthcoming Edinburgh Fringe, at Rev Stan’s Theatre Blog.

Edinburgh Fringe interview: Su Pollard on her fringe debut and what she wants to see while she’s there 

Su Pollard will be making her Edinburgh Fringe debut starring in Harpy, a play written especially for her by Fringe-first winner Philip Meeks.

In this preview interview, she talks about playing Birdie, a woman ostracised by her neighbours because of her hoarding, embarking on her first fringe and what she wants to see when she isn’t performing.

How does it feel to have a play specially commissioned for you?
When I first met the playwright Philip Meeks about three years ago he said he was going to write something for me. I don’t think either of us thought much more about it until Suzanna Rosenthal suggested it because we knew each other. 

I’ve often been asked to go to Edinburgh but I’ve either been busy with other shows or the right play hasn’t been sent my way. What’s fantastic about this is I’ve been there from the start and Philip’s told me about every stage of his thinking and the writing process.  I feel as if I’ve really helped to create the role.

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Theatre Weekly: Pick of The Fringe 2018 (Theatre Part 1)

July 18th, 2018

harpy18eStruggling to choose what to see at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe? We don’t blame you! With thousands to choose from, it’s difficult to know where to start.  Here’s our first pick of the Fringe for Theatre, we’ve chosen these because we know the company behind the show, or we’ve seen a preview, or just have a gut feel it will be good.

1. Harpy at Underbelly Cowgate
Aug 2-12, 14-26

A razor-sharp drama from Fringe First award-winner Philip Meeks (Kiss Me Honey, Honey!), Harpy is directed by Hannah Chissick (Mother Courage & Her Children, Southwark Playhouse; The Beautiful Game, NYMT; Flashdance, UK Tour), and stars national treasure Su Pollard in her Edinburgh Fringe debut.

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Whats On Stage: Famous faces at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

July 18th, 2018

wos18aLooking for a bit of celebrity this August at the Fringe? Look no further: we’ve found some choice famous faces you can see either onstage or in the wings

There are obviously tons of famous faces on the comedy scene in Edinburgh, but what if you want to see a few doing theatre? Here’s our list of celebrities in Edinburgh.

Su Pollard: Harpy
National treasure Su Pollard, known for her comedy, performance and singing (is there anything she doesn’t do!) is saying Hi-De-Hi! to the Edinburgh Fringe as she makes her Festival debut in Philip Meeks’ Harpy, a new piece about modern-day hoarding.

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Radio X: Su on The Chris Moyles Show

July 18th, 2018

radiox18aVIDEO: Su Pollard Joined Chris And The Team At The Pub

Chris had his first day back from holiday yesterday, and they celebrated with a trip down to the pub. And who should they bump into but Hi-de-Hi! star and all-round national treasure Su Pollard?

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West End Wilma: Hi-de-hi! – Su Pollard Interview

July 16th, 2018

wewilma18aA new interview with Su, chatting about Harpy and debuting at the Edinburgh Fringe, published by West End Wilma yesterday.

Hi-de-hi! – Su Pollard talks about heading to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Tell me about your show, what it is all about?
Harpy is about Bridget Woodbead who leads an isolated life as a hoarder. It’s funny and sad and it contains a mystery to solve. Mostly it’s about mental health and the fact that men are scared of women in the same way rich people are scared of poor people. It’s the first play in a series of three called South London Fables. The other two characters also appear in Harpy. All women of a certain age with startling stories to tell.

How long have you been working on this show and what is it that makes it relevant to audiences in 2018?
We started developing the play in January and we’ve had several drafts and a few readings and as I write this we’re about to start the actual rehearsals. It’s great that I’ve had time to really think about the character and the story before putting it on its feet……I’ve been living like a hermit since the end of May getting ready!

The play is set in 2018 in London which is Bridget’s adopted home, like it is mine and the writer Philip Meeks. This is because he feels so many people who are a bit lost end up living in London and He’s right. The play reflects today’s political climate quite strongly as we all wait anxiously in a hope we’ll ever understand what Brexit means!

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Su on TV: Hi-de-Hi! on GOLD (Series 8 & 9)

July 15th, 2018

gold18aFive further episodes of Hi-de-Hi!, from Series Eight and Nine, which originally aired on BBC1 at Christmas 1986, Christmas 1987 (two hour-long festive specials) and January 1988, on GOLD this week.

Please click on the cast photo below for our Episode Guide. (Photo © BBC)

Hi-de-Hi!: GOLD: Monday 16th July: 1.15pm/5.35pm
September Song. (Series 8, Episode 6). Ted has fallen in love with a brilliant young pianist who is on holiday at the camp, however her overbearing mother has a lot to say about their romance. (1986 Christmas Special)

Hi-de-Hi!: GOLD: Tuesday 17th July: 12.40pm/5.40pm
Tell It To The Marines. (Series 9, Episode 1). In a moment of rash thinking Ted challenges the cocky sergrant of the army display team to a race over an assault course – Maplin’s versus the Army.  The local bookie is doing great business on the outcome so Ted decides to even up the odds with a few fiddles. (1987 Christmas Special)

Hi-de-Hi!: GOLD: Wednesday 18th July: 1.15pm/6pm
Marry-Go-Round. (Series 9, Episode 2). Spike is just not funny anymore and the campers are beginning to complain. Spike reckons it’s because he is worried over his engagement to April so the only solution seems to be a special marriage licence.


Hi-de-Hi!: GOLD: Thursday 19th July: 1.20pm/6pm
The Perils of Peggy. (Series 9, Episode 3). After finally being rejected by Gladys, Clive decides he wants to marry her after all but how does he go about working his way back into her favour?

Hi-de-Hi!: GOLD: Friday 20th July: 12.45pm/5.45pm
Let Them Eat Cake. (Series 9, Episode 4). Ted pushes Alec Foster too far when he asks for a rise in wages and he is sacked, in his place is a new comic who has won Opportunity Knocks.

Su on TV: Hi-de-Hi! on GOLD (Series 8)

July 9th, 2018

gold18aFive episodes of Hi-de-Hi!, from Series Eight, which originally aired on BBC1 in November/December 1986, on GOLD this week.

Please click on the cast photo below for our Episode Guide. (Photo © BBC)

Hi-de-Hi!: GOLD: Monday 9th July: 8.40am/1.20pm
Pigs Might Fly. (Series 8, Episode 1). Yvonne’s partner Barry has left her and she becomes a recluse in her chalet. Worried about the entertainments programme Gladys takes the initiative and sends for her substitute partner Julian Dalrymple-Sykes. Within hours Yvonne is ready to take the floor again.

Hi-de-Hi!: GOLD: Tuesday 10th July: 8.15am/1.30pm
The New Broom. (Series 8, Episode 2). Alec Foster, the new Camp Controller, is causing havoc at Maplin’s. He’s already sacked several staff for incompetence and when his attentions fall on the entertainment staff no one is safe.

Hi-de-Hi!: GOLD: Wednesday 11th July: 8.20am/1.35pm
Orphan Of The Storm. (Series 8, Episode 3). Peggy has been sacked by Alec Foster, it seems that none of her friends can help her. Then rescue comes from an unexpected quarter.


Hi-de-Hi!: GOLD: Thursday 12th July: 8am/1.20pm
God Bless Our Family. (Series 8, Episode 4). Clive’s family descend on the camp with the intent of trying to persuade him to return to the fold. They bargain without the culture shock of Maplin’s.

Hi-de-Hi!: GOLD: Friday 13th July: 8.40am/2pm
Only The Brave. (Series 8, Episode 5). Ted has organised a late night trip to the cinema to see Bambi for April’s birthday, a mix up with the projectionist results in the showing of a war film – A Few Came Back.

Su on TV: Hi-de-Hi! on GOLD (Series 7)

July 2nd, 2018

gold18aMore classic comedy with another five episodes of Hi-de-Hi!, from Series Seven, which originally aired on BBC1 in January/February 1986, on GOLD this week.

Please click on the cast photo below for our Episode Guide. (Photo © BBC)

Hi-de-Hi!: GOLD: Monday 2nd July: 8.45am
Who Killed Mr Partridge? (Series 7, Episode 3). Ted and Spike discover Mr. Partirdge’s body lying face down in the pool with a knife in his back. Who is the murderer and are they still at large?

Hi-de-Hi!: GOLD: Tuesday 3rd July: 8.40am/1.25pm
Spaghetti Galore. (Series 7, Episode 4). It is Gladys Pugh’s birthday but she faces a dilemma, both Clive and Harold Fox have invited her out for a meal and she doesn’t want to upset either. Peggy comes to the rescue with her motorbike.

Hi-de-Hi!: GOLD: Wednesday 4th July: 8.40am/1.20pm
A Lack Of Punch. (Series 7, Episode 5). The staff learn that they are to stand in as children’s entertainers for the rest of the season and Yvonne and Barry are the first to have a go with the playlet ‘Tuffet Tantrums’. Then Ted and Spike spot a smelly tramp entertaining kids on the beach, they think they’ve found the answer to their problems.


Hi-de-Hi!: GOLD: Thursday 5th July: 9.15am/1.55pm
Ivory Castles in the Air. (Series 7, Episode 6). Clive takes Gladys to see his family home and Gladys takes Clive to her heart.

Hi-de-Hi!: GOLD: Friday 6th July: 8.50am/1.30pm
Man Trap. (Series 7, Episode 7). Gladys and Spike are livid that Joe Maplin has announced their engagement to the press as a publicity stunt, but Clive sees a way of using the situation as an excuse to spurn Gladys’s unwanted attentions.

The List: Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2018

June 28th, 2018

harpy18gEdinburgh Festival Fringe 2018: shows we think will sell out fast

From first timers to returning Fringe favourites, here’s the shows from Gilded Balloon, Pleasance, Assembly and Underbelly to book ASAP

It’s that time of year again. We’ve had a halloween, a Christmas, a few apocalyptic storms and the obligatory couple of sunny days – and now we’re back where we started; August and the 71st annual Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Have you read the programme front to back yet? Drawn clumsy, oversized circles round your ‘must see’ shows? Planned a detailed itinerary? I like your style.

Careful though, because there’s no worse feeling than picking out a show and finding out there’s no tickets left. All gone, to people that were quicker than you. We don’t like to see that happening to our readers, and so have put together a list of shows that – if you want to get a seat for – you should move fast.

Harpy: Written for Su Pollard’s Fringe debut, it’s a razor-sharp drama from Fringe First Award-winner Philip Meeks which explores the growing social issue of hoarding.
Harpy, Underbelly Cowgate, Thu 2–Sun 26 Aug, 4pm.

• Continue reading at The List. (Photo © Karla Gowlett)

Su on TV: Hi-de-Hi! on GOLD (Series 6 & 7)

June 25th, 2018

gold18aFive more episodes of Hi-de-Hi!, which originally aired on BBC1 in November/December 1984 and January 1986, on GOLD this week.

Please click on the cast photo below for our Episode Guide. (Photo © BBC)

Hi-de-Hi!: GOLD: Monday 25th June: 8.40am/12.40pm
Opening Day. (Series 6, Episode 3). The new season opens at Maplins and the entertainments staff head down to the station to meet the first lot of campers of the train.

Hi-de-Hi!: GOLD: Tuesday 26th June: 9am/1.40pm
Off With The Motley. (Series 6, Episode 4). Peggy is promoted to Stores Supervisor. Even with more money and responsibility she yearns to be back among the fun around the pool.

Hi-de-Hi!: GOLD: Wednesday 27th June: 8.55am/1.30pm
Hey Diddle Diddle, Who’s On The Fiddle? (Series 6, Episode 5). Peggy finds a letter from Joe Maplin which seems to indicate that Clive has been given the job of entertainments manager to spy on the rest of the staff. They all have to be careful to conceal their fiddles.


Hi-de-Hi!: GOLD: Thursday 28th June: 9am/12.50pm
Raffles. (Series 6, Episode 6). Clive is badly in debt and when some thugs arrive threatening violence if the money is not repaid Clive begins to look at ways of getting money quickly.

Hi-de-Hi!: GOLD: Friday 29th June: 9am/1.40pm
It’s Murder. (Series 7, Episode 2). Mr. Partridge is causing havoc with his drunken antics and has just about upset everyone on the camp, in the meantime he goes missing leaving the staff in chaos.

TV3 Ireland: Last Laugh in Vegas: Showtime

June 25th, 2018

Last Laugh in Vegas – Showtime: TV3: Wednesday 27th June: 10pm
Episode 5. Following eight of the biggest comedy and variety acts from the 60s, 70s and 80s as they travel to Las Vegas for two weeks decades after the magic first began. The showbiz veterans live in a house together as they explore the city and prepare for a one-night-only variety performance at an iconic venue. (Photo © ITV) Click below to browse Su Online’s complete Last Laugh in Vegas News Archive.


Su on TV: Hi-de-Hi! on GOLD (Series 5 & 6)

June 18th, 2018

gold18aFive more episodes of Hi-de-Hi!, which originally aired on BBC1 in January and November 1984, brightening up the TV schedules on GOLD this week. Times vary – full details below.

Please click on the photo below for our Episode Guide. (Photo © BBC)

Hi-de-Hi!: GOLD: Monday 18th June: 9am/1.20pm
The Graven Image. (Series 5, Episode 5). Joe Maplin orders the unvailing of a statue of himself at the camp. Problems arise when Spike gets very drunk and decides to liven up the statue on the night before the unvailing ceremony.

Hi-de-Hi!: GOLD: Tuesday 19th June: 9.15am/1.35pm
Peggy’s Penfriend. (Series 5, Episode 6). Peggy is excited about a visit from her long-term penfriend. The staff become suspicious of his motives and follow them to the sand dunes.

Hi-de-Hi!: GOLD: Wednesday 20th June: 9.30am/1.55pm
The Epidemic. (Series 5, Episode 7). Chads are breaking out all over the camp, what is worse Joe Maplin is expected at the camp for a lecture with Gilbert Harding. Can the staff stem the flow of chads before he arrives. (NB: This is Simon Cadell’s final episode)


Hi-de-Hi!: GOLD: Thursday 21st June: 9.20am/1.40pm
Together Again. (Series 6, Episode 1). It is 1960 – a new season at Maplin’s Holiday Camp is about to commence. The staff arrive by train to prepare the camp for holiday makers.

Hi-de-Hi!: GOLD: Friday 22nd June: 9.40am/2.05pm
Ted At The Helm. (Series 6, Episode 2). Ted thinks he is about to be offered the job as entertainment’s manager when he gets a summons to head office in London. Meanwhile a new face arrives at Maplin’s. (NB: David Griffin makes his debut in this episode)

Su on TV: Hi-de-Hi! on Drama (Series 9)

June 18th, 2018

drama18aThe final two episodes of Hi-de-Hi! on Drama today and tomorrow, which originally aired on BBC1 in January 1988.

Hi-de-Hi!: Drama: Monday 18th June: 1.40pm/6pm
Wedding Bells. (Series 9, Episode 5). It is the day of Clive and Gladys’ wedding. When Clive’s upper crust family get to hear of the marriage they set out to sabotage the service.

Hi-de-Hi!: Drama: Tuesday 19th June: 1.40pm/6pm
The Wind Of Change. (Series 9, Episode 6). As the end of the season at Maplin’s approaches, the staff discuss their plans for the future.

You Rang, M’Lord? on GOLD

June 18th, 2018

You Rang M’Lord? – Series 4, Episodes 3 – 6 – airing on GOLD at 11.40am on Monday, 11.55am/3.25pm on Tuesday, 12.05pm on Wednesday, and 12pm on Thursday!