RI:SE (2002)

Su was featured on channel 4's breakfast show, RI:SE in June 2002. The programme that replaced The Big Breakfast.

They showed a clip of Su and friends in their hilarious "Lip Read" section...

"A charity event sees the meeting of Vic and Bob, Gloria Hunniford and Hi-De-Hi! veteran Su Pollard.

Su throws a pink feather boa round her fellow celebs for a photo opportunity, but what does she say...?"

We'll leave that to your imagination, but this was a great clip.

Liquid News (2003)

Su guested on Liquid News in June 2003, other guests were new rock band The Darkness.

She chatted to presenter Claudia Winkleman about David Beckham, Eddie Large, 'Starting Together' ("You suddenly find yourself at number 3 in the charts and have to quickly make a video!"), The Vagina Monologues, and the new Incredible Hulk movie, among other topics.

Liquid News: Screen Captures

Stars Reunited: Hi-de-Hi! (2003)

Five stars of the classic BBC sitcom Hi-de-Hi! gathered together Stars Reunited special on BBC1 in July 2003.

Su, Paul Shane, Ruth Madoc, Nicki Kelly, and surprise guest, Barry Howard spent an hour with Dale Winton reminiscing about the eight years they spent on the show that launched all of their careers.

Su, looking fantastic, and the other stars, recalled many events that took place, with anecdotes galore keeping viewers and the studio audience highly entertained. They all spoke fondly about all aspects of Hi-De-Hi! and giggled along with old clips and headlines from the newspapers from the era.

There was also a chance for members of the studio audience to put a question to each of the actors.

Stars Reunited: Hi-de-Hi!: Screen Captures

The Weakest Link (2003)

Su, Toyah, Nick Owen, Limahl, Bob Carolgees (and Spit the dog), Steve Nallon (as Maggie), Eric Bristow, Linda Lusardi and Normski all braved the "Wicked Witch of the West", or as everyone except Su calls her, Anne Robinson on a celebrity filled The Weakest Link in August 2003.

Su introduced herself thus: "I'm Su Pollard, and I'm a lean, mean, cleaning machine!"

When it came time for Su to take the "walk of shame" she said; "I'm loving this verbal ping-pong with the Wicked Witch of the West! Fabulous!", sang a few bars of 'The Sound Of Music', showed off her outfit, and enquired if she still had the posterior that won her 'Rear Of The Year' back in 1988!

Post "walk of shame" Su commented; "It's supposed to be a lot of fun, which really it is. I was quite enjoying it. I think being on The Weakest Link must be worse than having a baby by the wrong man!"

The Weakest Link: Screen Captures

Scotland Today (2003)

Su guested on Scotland Today, the afternoon news and current affairs show that is broadcast throughout Scotland, in October 2003

During a ten-minute chat Su covered a variety of topics; touring working men's clubs way back in the Seventies with her friend, who was a drag artist, Hi-De-Hi! and how people still holler the famous catchphrase at her in the street, some 15 years after the show ended, and, of course, Annie. Su said she wasn't atall bothered about being in a production that featured , not only children, but animals too. She praised the cast, and in particular the younger members who add so much to the musical.

And with a "Ho-De-Ho!" she was gone!

Comedy Connections (2004)

Comedy Connections: Hi-de-Hi! aired in August 2004.

Rare images from Su's Opportunity Knocks appearance, her first sit-com Two Up, Two Down, Su as a Yellowcoat, all featured through the programme.

Comedy Connections: Screen Captures

Loose Women (2005)

A very colourful Su guested on the ITV1 panel/talk show Loose Women in September 2005.

Su was in great form, enthusing as only she can about a host of subjects to the four interviewers seated around her; Kaye Adams, Colleen Nolan, Jane McDonald, and Kym Marsh (ex Hear'Say).

Main anchor, Kaye introduced Su this: "Our next guest is a national treasure...".

There then followed the classic clip of Su, as Peggy, finally achieving Yellowcoat status!

Su talked about, of course, Hi-De-Hi!: "We had such fantastic fun doing that. Everyone thinks I'm Gladys..."

She also spoke of her "trademarks"; her hair, and the spectacles. In particular recalling being told, at 14, that she would have to wear glasses.

And even found time for a quick stand-up to show off that colourful outfit in full.

The appearance was rounded off with talk about Su's latest project, The Vagina Monologues: "We're in Cambridge next week. It's a lovely show, and it's not too far to go. You can travel from Kings Cross or Liverpool Street!", much to the amusement of the audience.

Loose Women (2006)

Another appearance for Su on Loose Women, from March 2006.

Loose Women: Screen Captures

Loose Women (2006)

Just a few weeks later Su made another guest appearance on Loose Women, this time in May 2006.

Loose Women: Screen Captures, here and here.

The Princes Trust 30th Birthday Live (2006)

Su guested on a special edition of Blankety Blank, during The Princes Trust 30th Birthday Live on ITV1 in May 2006.

Princes Trust 30th Birthday: Screen Captures

The Paul O'Grady Show (2007)

Su guested on The Paul O'Grady Show on Channel 4 in April 2007. Other guests included Andrew Lloyd Webber. Su chatted about starring in Menopause The Musical and much more.

The Paul O'Grady Show: Screen Captures, here, here and here.

This Morning (2007)

Su and the other stars of Menopause The Musical appeared on This Morning in April 2007.

As well as an interview with Su, there was also a performance of a song from the show.

This Morning: Screen Captures, here, here and here.